*courtney – weekly training log 02/09/15 – 02/15/15

i’m drinking a beer on a sunday, because according to the weatherman we are gearing up for the great snowpocalypse of 2015. i LOVE snow, so i am pretty pumped about this! the plus side to commuting 65 miles one way to work is that in inclement weather i get to work from home 🙂

pink has always been my favorite color!
pink has always been my favorite color!

we don’t get a lot of snow ’round these parts, so i am not sure what it will mean for my training. the good news is that this is a cutback week for me, and kenny and i are going to south carolina to visit my parents on wednesday, so i might not have to slip and slide or succumb to the treadmill too much.

i cannot wait to visit my parents in south carolina! i haven’t seen my mom since december, and i haven’t seen my dad since the wedding in july! i am hoping my mom will feel up to doing what we do best–shopping and eating.

i promise to run some easy miles in new places and post about them!

week: 02/09/15 – 02/15/15

total miles: 27
easy miles: 21
fast miles: 6
strength workouts: 2 spin and 1 strength – got off track with a work lunch and race packet pickup 🙁
overview: the week felt great, but my body is definitely asking for some rest, and i will gladly give it some. i feel super tight tonight, and i am kicking myself for not squeezing yoga in at some point. i am also having problems with my heart rate monitor(s)… i couldn’t wear my chest strap at all this week, because it cut me to pieces on saturday. the bottom of the strap cuts (not chafes) my skin, and i am not sure how to avoid that–bandaid? duct tape? on the other hand, my optical wrist strap is just not very accurate. it recorded a new high of 203 on saturday during our warmup. while i don’t doubt it got pretty high on one of those hills while we were running at race pace, i absolutely know i didn’t spike that high during the first 10 minutes 😉 so, i am currently exploring new options, because keeping my heart rate under 154 is how i know i am going easy. if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

planned workout: spin
actual workout: 7 miles on the bike

planned workout: 6 miles with 6 x hill repeats + the core strength workout
actual workout: 5.5 miles with 6 x hill repeats @ 11:35 pace + the core
course: campus – paved and has a nice and long 1/4 mile hill which gets pretty steep for ~200m
weather: 30*/dark
gear: brooks pureflow 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, lululemon fluff off pullover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens
nutrition: hot and sour soup and pork chops for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? hill repeats are just the worst in my opinion, but i really tried to push it on the sprints and fully recover on the downhills. i do feel like i am making progress on my form and power, so that is a plus!

planned workout: 4 miles easy + spin
actual workout: 4 miles easy @ 11:17 (147 HR) + 7 miles spin
course: the bypass – paved and hilly
weather: 27*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: turkey tacos for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? this was an easy, barely awake run

planned workout: 6 miles easy + strength
actual workout: 6 miles easy @ 11:19 (146 HR)
course: highland/campbell – paved and semi-rolling
weather: 30*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: chicken caesar salad for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? the run was straight in to the wind on the second half which was absolutely brutal. i think the wind chills made the real feel ~10*. i was happy to see some other runners out in the wee hours on my way home. i didn’t get to strength train on my lunch break because we had a team lunch. if i had any sense of discipline i would have made myself do the simple workout when i got home, but i suck.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: none… because of that lack of discipline thing. jenny and i went and got our packets for the hot chocolate 15k race. i did give a man the finger when he honked at me, so i got to work that muscle.

planned workout: hot chocolate 15k race! jenny’s plan prescribed a 2 mile warmup, 4 x 1 mile @ 8:56 pace with 1 minute recovery, 8 x 200m @ 7:50 pace with 200m recovery, and a 2 mile cooldown
actual workout: 2 mile warmup @ 10:00 pace, tempo miles @ 8:52, 8:53, 8:59, 8:40, and then after that it all kinda went downhill for the 200m repeats, but we held ~9:00 pace for the last 3.3 miles
course: downtown nashville – paved and hilly as fuck
weather: 31*/sunny
gear: brooks pureconnect 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, lululemon swiftly racerback tank, lululemon flurry fighter pullover, lululemon run with me mittens, the north face ear warmer
nutrition: olive garden asiago tortellini with meat sauce, salad, hummus, breadsticks, wings, and dessert for dinner (so, actually typing it all out makes me realize why i had some serious tummy issues the next morning); coffee, 1 imodium and belvita soft baked biscuit for breakfast; caffeinated nuun and a couple of shot bloks during the run (1 at mile 3 and 1 at mile 6)
how did it go? thankfully jenny and i decided we would treat this as a training run and not a race. shitshow is a pretty accurate description of the second half of the run. i ran in to some major tummy problems, and i am working to figure out what the cause was, but i am thinking i should have made some better choices at the olive garden the night before. i also learned that i should have tied the drawstring of my pants before the start, because i was tugging at my waistband pretty much every mile. i was NOT prepared for the hills and 400′ of elevation gain on the course. couple that with mile and 200m repeats, and boy was that a workout. after the mile repeats jenny turned and told me the 200’s were up next. i told her i would try, but i wasn’t sure how many i could hang on for. i had no idea how many we had done, but at some point we came to another freaking hill, “turn down for what” came on, and my stomach had had enough. i tapped jenny and told her i needed to stop and to go on without me. i turned down all right, and i walked it off a little bit and then started jogging. turns out she was on her last repeat, so i was able to catch up to her when she got to the cooldown. we walked a couple of more seconds and i told her i thought i could make it the last couple of miles. we passed the porta-potty and she urged me to go, but being a dumbass i said no, i could keep going. it was painful, but i carried on. i was so over it and just wanted it to be over. jenny was such a trooper and was telling me stories to keep my mind off it. when we saw the finish line we sprinted on in and got our medals. i immediately found the ladies room, and then we went and got our delicious hot chocolate and treats. the miles at pace definitely felt hard, but we climbed 270′ in the first 6 miles, so i think we did a damn fine job and the effort was warranted. it was definitely a great training run, but i am sad that i am still playing with the fueling and gi issues. i have got to figure that out before the half. also, the pureconnects were not the best choice for this distance. i will leave them to interval runs of <6 miles.

planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 3 easy trail miles @ 11:01 pace via 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals
course: keriakes – gravel and rolling path
weather: 15*/sunny
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon brushed speed tights, lululemon think fast long sleeve shirt, athleta cinch popover, saucony gaiter, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, polartec mittens, lululemon run with me toque
nutrition: wendys for dinner, donut and coffee for breakfast
how did it go? i knew not to push it on this run since i was still sore from nashville’s hills, so i decided to cut it to 3 miles and throw in walk breaks every 5 minutes. i was actually faster than usual, go figure. it felt nice to shake everything out, and it was so cold i had the whole park to myself!

*jenny VDOT day 18/Quality session threshold repetition

Yesterday afternoon this:


Became this:


OH the cuteness. It kills. T claims that L is going to grow up thinking every holiday is like Christmas. To which I say, bitch, every holiday SHOULD be like Christmas. Hater.

Planned Run: HAH. On today’s episode of: when good runs go bad. This was supposed to be a rest day. But I pushed yesterday’s workout to today because I just haven’t slept well while L has been sick. She’s priority number 1 and  we’ve spent the last 3 nights partying until 1 or 2am. See these? These are the DUFFLE bags under my eyes. It made some sense to swap some of my schedule around for the upcoming Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend with Courtney! Moving right along– today’s run was supposed to be:

2mi warmup

2 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi with 1 min recovery

1 x 2mi @ 8:56/mi

2:00 min rest

1 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi

1mi cooldown
Weather: 5am, cold and clear. 32 degrees.

Food: 1 cup of coffee, ladies and gentlemen, my first mistake.

Shoes: Brooks pureflow 3s, blue.

Entertainment: My worn out, busted 10k playlist, my second mistake.

Actual Run: Don’t laugh.


How did it feel: I made it 5 miles. In the middle of my 2 mile interval I just stopped. At least the sunrise was pretty on my quarter mile walk back home. 🙂


I was at pace but I knew that I didn’t have anything left. I actually said, F this noise, out loud, to myself. As I was walking out my front door to begin this run I felt so tired. The only thought running through my head during my 2 mile warm up was, “I’m exhausted.” I couldn’t turn the tide of the negative thinking, I didn’t have any gas in the tank and I was poorly rested. A recipe for disaster. That’s what happens sometimes though, right? We all go through this. We all have those shit runs that feel so stupid hard and you just hate yourself the entire time and you’re thinking, why do I do this to myself? Then inevitably the next run is fabulous and you love yourself again. So I’ll chalk this workout up as this training cycle’s shit run and do my best to get some rest. As for the gas in the tank? WELL. Sometimes you need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 🙂 I swear, I could start a product  review section of this blog for Little Debbie products alone. I love that I took a bite before remembering to take the picture. Class act.


*courtney – diary of an injured runner

while i’ve only been running for about 3 years, i have had my fair share of injuries. i had posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in my left foot in 2012, a stress fracture of my right calcanea in 2013 and most recently there was suspicion of a labral tear on my right side in 2014. the stress fracture was definitely the worst because i was out of running for 6 weeks and wearing a freaking boot. the labral tear was the most frustrating because i went to countless doctors and had to have exams, an x-ray, mri, mr-arthrography and a steroid injection only for them to tell me it is *probably* a labral tear, but they can’t be sure, so just take it easy. right, because runners take that advice. the longest lasting was the tendonitis because i absolutely refused to stop training for my first half marathon to take care of it. that meant from about february of 2012 to may of 2014 i wore an ankle brace on my left foot every time i ran. it wasn’t until i took some time off in may to rest my hip that my tendonitis decided to go away (knock on wood!). I’ve learned a thing or two about injuries, and i have gotten pretty good at playing dr. google when needed.

i’ve done so much research on my injuries, i feel like i know what elements must be present or absent for me to not get hurt. my training is structured so that i won’t be sidelined in 2015, and i am hoping by sticking to the points below i will be able to gain some speed and stay healthy :)

if i get a wild hair, i will revisit this page to knock some sense in to me.

  • ease in to things – when i began running i was using couch to 5k, and i did all of my miles on either a treadmill or a gravel track at the park. as soon as i graduated i moved all of my miles to pavement. this was a bad idea, as i was suddenly upping my mileage as well as moving from softer, more impact-forgiving surfaces to jarring pavement. i also decided that my friends had cuter shoes than i did and i needed to toss my white and navy stability shoes and only wear new neon kinvaras that i bought based on looks alone. what a rookie mistake!!! looking back, i am not surprised at all that PTTD crippled me on my first ever 4 mile run. from here on out i will introduce things slowly including upping mileage, speedwork and shoes.
  • be consistent – at the end of 2012 i was at a really great place in my running. i had just nailed a 12 minute PR on my half marathon time, my average pace during training runs was finally dropping from the 10s to the 9s, and one of my best friends had found the joy of running and we were starting to sign up for races together. at that time i also started a new job which has quite a commute and takes up more of my free time than my previous job. my runs started to diminish from 5 times a week to 4, then quickly to 3, and soon after that i was running only on saturday and sunday. this downward spiral started in november and by april i could no longer keep up with my friends, but for some reason i thought since i could still run 7 miles i could probably run a half marathon. when i hit the wall at mile 7 and walked most of the 2nd half of the race, i vowed i would get back home and run 5 days a week again and 3 of those would be FAST. gah, what a dumbass. cue the heel stress fracture. since then i’ve learned to make time to run. if i want to be a runner, i have to run no matter if i have to do it at the ass-crack of dawn, after a long day’s work or on my lunch break. i have to make the freaking time. i’ve made it a point to be more consistent with my mileage since my marathon in november. i did a reverse taper and then slowly began building my base and have managed to hover around 20 miles per week since then.
  • easy is the opposite of hard – i used to try to run as fast as i could for every run. i had no gauge of easy or hard, and my race times were usually the same as my normal run paces. over the summer while jenny and i were marathon training, we followed a plan she downloaded to her garmin. it had us running at different intensities based on heart rate. it wasn’t until then that i realized how slowly i could truly run. i also realized that when i was forced to slow down i could complete my long runs and not be totally sore the next day! it didn’t leave me aching or tired. since then i have tried to be mindful and wear my heart rate monitor for all of my easy runs and for my warmups to my workouts. i aim to stay in heart rate zone 2 which is about 139-154 for me. sometimes it is hard for me to get in and stay in the zone at what i think is an easy pace, and other days i cannot keep my heart rate down no matter how slow i am going! i know stress, sleep, alcohol and other elements are factors and i try to keep that in mind. it is a very humbling experience when it’s 80 degrees outside and you can’t go faster than 12 minutes per mile without your heart rate monitors screaming at you to slow down. keeping my easy runs truly easy has allowed me to work really hard on my workouts and not experience too much soreness post-run. if i can get a couple of good PRs this year i think i will try MAF training because there really is something to this.
  • keep speed work at ~20% of weekly mileage – december of 2013 i decided that i wanted to run a half marathon under 2 hours and i wanted to do it now, dammit! i downloaded a super cool app that spit out a training plan for me based on previous race times, but it didn’t take in to account that i had never done any formal speedwork. the first few weeks were easy miles (which back then meant as fast as you can to me), but very quickly it added AT workouts, repetitions and tempo runs usually with 2 out of 3 of those in one week. so here i was going from zero speedwork to running about 15-20 miles per week total with 7 of those miles fast portions of my workouts. i lasted to the last week of january and felt an awful pain strike me in the middle of a 6 mile tempo run. i limped back to the car unable to complete the run and honestly haven’t been the same since. this was definitely a case of too much, too soon, too fast. keeping the speedwork at 20% of my total weekly mileage still allows me to get an interval run and a tempo or progression run in so long as i get a good warmup and cooldown and 2 easy runs each week. i am also making it a point to make my easy tuesday run at least half the distance of my weekend long run.
  • mix it up – after i kept getting injured on my right side i realized that i probably have some serious imbalances and the repetitive nature of running was bringing them out. i read an article on runblogger.com about the benefits of rotating between different types of shoes. i now wear different shoes for every time of run. over the past 3 years i have owned pretty much every single brand out there, but this goldilocks has finally found her match in the brooks pure line. i wear the purecadence for my easy runs, pureflow for tempo runs, pureconnect for speedwork and racing and the puregrit for trails. they are all similar, but i can notice the differences and definitely think switching my shoes up is helping my feet get stronger and taking some of the repetitive stress out of the sport. i’m also trying to mix up my routes, rolling hills vs flat terrain, and incorporate more trail running. i will admit i do not love the mountain biking trails here. luckily we have some gravel paths and cross country courses pretty close though.
  • cross training – does any runner really love to cross train? wouldn’t we all rather be running? i know i would! but, through my various injuries i have learned a thing or two about the importance of cross training and improving your weaknesses. i had physical therapy after my stress fracture on my heel. i learned a lot about my weak areas and imbalances at that time, and i am working twice a week to remedy those. i know my core is weak, my glutes are lazy and my arm muscles are non-existent, but i am working on them! i can tell that the work i’ve done in the past couple of months has helped my core and butt get a little stronger. i would like to get some more time on the bike as well. once i start running before work that will free up lunchtime to do something different. if i can run and do strength on the same day then i can ride the bike on the other days. i’ve been pretty consistent with doing a lunge matrix before every run and the myrtl routine after every run. i don’t know if it is just because my trunk is so weak, but the myrtl NEVER gets easier to me. it is a hurt so good kind of thing.

as much as i hate the saying, “listen to your body”, it really is the best way to stay healthy. i’ve gotten to the point now where i think i can honestly tell the difference between being tired or sore and being injured.

tomorrow is another day of ass-crack of dawn running. wish me luck!!!

*jenny VDOT day 17/ Easy

Remember my last post? Remember when I said it’s never just a cold for us? Ear infection. Not just one but two. Two for the price of one. My poor baby. Luckily the husband was able to take her to the doctor’s appointment so that I could get some additional work done this morning, then I took the afternoon off to play mommy nurse. Mommy nurse is just about my favorite role in the entire world. Sick toddlers are pitiful, but ultimate mom secret here… the best snuggles happen during toddler sickness. IF there has to be a silver lining… at least it’s rockin’ snuggles. I don’t have any awesome pictures from today so I’ll give you these awesome pictures from previous days when L has felt like her normal rockstar self.

She is fabulous, ALL of the time.



I put lip gloss on her for the first time. Don’t judge me. It was the smallest amount of lipgloss known to man, and YES, this is a frakking selfie.


Finally– she has good taste.


Run recap:

Planned Run: Easy 5 between 10:41 ~ 11:43 per mi

Weather: The weather was so strange today. Humidity was high because I could feel a really fine mist, and it felt cold but as soon as I began my run I got hot. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting sick.

Food: I ran so late this morning, no breakfast. But I had a giant turkey sandwich and pirate’s booty about an hour before my run.

Shoes: Blue pureflow 3s.

Entertainment: The Another Mother Runner podcast. I like Dimity and Sarah. I especially liked this episode, it centered around one of their book’s essayists Alison Overholt. It made me cry.

Actual Run: 5 miles at 10:31

How did it feel: Well I was crying at my podcast and I had awful stomach stitches from my late lunch for the first 2 miles. SO it just felt awesome. Awesome. Really though. This is one of those runs I didn’t want to do. I had to go late in the afternoon after being up until 1am with a sick baby because of the way life worked out today. Again, one of those runs I didn’t want to do, but I felt 1 million times better after completing it. 🙂 I have to put my big girl panties on and get up at 4:30 tomorrow for my 10 mile (10 MILE? GOD, WHO AM I???) mid-week speed work run. Kill me now.

@Courtneybot– I’m going to need a comprehensive run down of what happened during the grammy’s last night. I only got to see the last 20 minutes or so. 🙂

*courtney – weekly training log 2/2/15 – 2/8/15

holy crap–this felt like the never-ending week. between things being insane at work, running 32 miles and taking care of car stuff at the beginning of the week, i am beat! and now i am super depressed because it is sunday afternoon and once i go to sleep tonight the work week starts all over again. does anyone else get really bummed on sunday afternoon? i feel like the weekend really only consists of friday night and saturday.

this week i added an extra day of running to ensure i am getting a good balance of easy miles with my speedwork. i am not sure if i will keep the extra day in there from here on out or just throw it in there every other week. i honestly think it is better for my sleep patterns if i wake up at 4am more often than not, which totally sucks, but maybe by april i will be an early riser.

thankfully jenny is a talented writer and has enough thoughts to keep this blog afloat 🙂 i promise to pick up my blogging cadence in the next couple of weeks and actually fill in some of these blank pages. i started thinking about run outfit ideas while i was doing laundry yesterday, and it made me realize i have so much shit i do not use anymore. whether it is too small, too big, has been upgraded or was a shoe-buying fail i could probably outfit an entire track team. if you are in the need for something, hit me up, because i am probably selling it super cheap or giving it away! i also figured out just how jenny came up with our name…

my lululemon and shoe rainbow… probably worth a small pot of gold.


what can i say–i like to be seen!

week: 2/2/15 – 2/8/15

total miles: 32
easy miles: 27
fast miles: 5
strength workouts: 2 spin, 2 strength and 1 yoga workout
overview: this week was great, and i didn’t feel as tired at the end of it as i did the previous week. i made it out of bed at 4am for the tuesday and wednesday runs, but i did have to postpone the thursday run until after work. i had originally planned for next week to be a cutback week, but since we are doing the hot chocolate 15k in nashville i have moved the cutback week out. i don’t feel so drained that this will hinder my training, and i am ready to keep going 🙂

planned workout: spin
actual workout: 30 minutes spin – 7 miles and myrtl routine

planned workout: 6 miles w/ 8 x 400m @ 1:52 (7:30 pace) and 400m recovery + the core strength routine
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:49 (139 HR), 400m splits @ 1:52, 1:49, 1:50, 1:53, 1:51, 1:52, 1:55, 1:52, and 1 mile cooldown @ 11:08 + the core strength routine and myrtl routine
course: purple striders and BGHS track – paved and flat for the first half and a couple of repeats on the track
weather: 20*/dark
gear: brooks pureconnect 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, reebok brushed long sleeved shirt, lululemon flurry fighter pullover, saucony balaclava, lululemon fluff off mittens, knuckle light, mace jogger, nathan quick shot
nutrition: navy beans and cheese sandwich for dinner, water in my handheld
how did it go? nothing like speedwork first thing in the morning to wake you up! i was absolutely dreading this. mostly because i don’t feel like my speedwork has been very strong lately, and i am REALLY hard on myself when i don’t hit my paces. the repeats felt really hard to me. i told myself after 4 i was going to stop, then i change it to after 6 i would stop, but i managed to get all 8 done. i did some of them in the parking lot and some of them on the track, but i think next time i will do them all on the track and use the lap button to ensure accuracy.

planned workout: 4 miles easy + spin
actual workout: 4 miles @ 11:35 (139 HR) + 7 miles on the bike and myrtl routine
course: cabell and the bypass – paved sidewalk and rolling hills
weather: 32*/dark
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartech ii tights, lululemon first base tank, athleta cinch popover, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, lululemon fluff off ear warmer, knuckle light, mace jogger, nathan quickshot
nutrition: firehouse subs for dinner and water in my handheld
how did it go? i don’t have time to caffeinate before these 4am runs, so this kind of felt like a dream to me. i do remember seeing a man walking, and i was a little skeered.

planned workout: 7 miles easy + strength circuit
actual workout: 7 miles easy @ 11:27 (145 HR) + strength circuit and myrtl routine
course: downtown loop – paved sidewalks and rolling hills
weather: 30*/dark
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartech ii tights, lululemon first base tank, athleta cinch popover, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, lululemon fluff off ear warmer, knuckle light, mace jogger, nathan quickshot
nutrition: ham and swiss sandwich and pretzels and hummus for lunch, water in my handheld. no gi problems, but i had to pee the entire time! i shouldn’t have chugged water on the car ride home.
how did it go? i was really cold. i was probably a bit underdressed up top and could have used a long sleeved shirt under my pullover. i was dreading having to run after work, but that’s what happens when you hit snooze too many times! those damn hills were a nightmare, but other than that i just kept it easy and kept my HR low.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: 30 minute yoga
how did it go? i felt reallllllly tight. i probably should have aimed for 2 sessions this week.

planned workout: 10 mile progression starting at 11:00 and dropping 15s every mile
actual workout: 10 mile progression @ 10:57, 10:44, 10:29, 10:16, 9:58, 9:45, 9:23, 9:10, 8:54, 8:23
course: richpond loop – paved and mostly flat with some grade change
weather: 40*/sunny/windy
gear: brooks pureflow 3, athleta sting be free tights, lululemon swiftly racerback tank, adidas long sleeved shirt, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, c9 ear warmer, nathan quick shot
nutrition: chinese buffet for dinner, coffee and imodium for breakfast, 2 caffeinated shot bloks pre-run, 1 shot blok every mile and a half and caffeinated nuun in my handheld. no gi problems, but i did have to pee the first half of the run and finally stopped at mile 4 to do it in the bushes 🙂
how did it go? i was so nervous going in to this run. it was originally supposed to be 14 miles, but after looking at the calendar i thought that it was a little too early for such a long run and cut it back to 10 miles. i was really scared that once i hit mile 7 or 8 i wouldn’t be able to keep picking up the pace. it is AMAZING what a difference a good night’s rest and some coffee makes for my body. i found it HARD to hold back for the first 4 or 5 miles. every time my watch beeped for me to pick up the pace i would end up picking it up too much even though my HR was still low and i felt great. i wanted to go faster! i stuck to the prescribed paces for the first 9 miles and then on the last mile i gave it everything i had! i cannot explain how good it felt to end a 10 mile run with an 8:23 pace split. i had the hugest smile on my face for all of the cows to see 🙂 i love progression runs/fast finishes. they make me feel so strong!

planned workout: 5 easy on trails
actual workout: 5 easy on gravel @ 12:08
course: keriakes park – gravel and rolling hills
weather: 55*/overcast/windy
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon hit your stride skirt, lululemon swiftly racerback tank, lululemon swiftly scoop short sleeve shirt, simple hydration bottle
nutrition: cheese sandwich, chili, fries and wine for dinner and water in my bottle. definitely had gi problems here @ mile 2.5. it is the price i will have to pay for one night of booze.
how did it go? other than the bathroom break it was nice to get some easy miles on my legs after yesterday’s workout. i tried out my new simple hydration bottle, and i will give a full review once i have had some more time with it.

*jenny VDOT day 16/Repetition


I just got the shipping notification on Lydia’s Vday present. Yes. I’m the mom that goes way overboard. I picked up a tea set at Target yesterday afternoon to set up with her precious table and stuffed animals. I hope she will love it.

I promised a product review on Instagram of this bra, the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer. I’ll make you this promise right now. My product review photos will most likely always be taken with an iphone, with no filter, while the product is laying on my bathroom floor. That’s how I roll.



I needed new sports bras because my previously beloved Moving Comfort Junos were falling apart. I typically just cycle through 2 sports bras. I have 2 other random ones that I purchased from TJ Maxx but in the past the Moving Comfort brand bras are my favorites. The rebound racer also delivers. Things it’s missing? Soft internal cups. That’s okay for me. I ordered a 34D and the compressive quality of the material itself was enough to eliminate bounce. For any bra size larger I’d probably be very hesitant to recommend. Moving Comfort has great offerings in the Juno and Maia bra for ladies who need them. My biggest 2 asks in a sports bra are, does it eliminate bounce and does it have a racerback style. This bra hits both of those marks for me. It’s a keeper. I’m a horrible reviewer, I know. 🙂 Also. The sherbert color is just so damn pretty.

Moving right along to today’s run recap:

Planned Run:

2mi warmup

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

4 x 400m @ 1:57/rep with 400 m recovery

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

1mi cooldown

Weather: I hear you spring, telling me to hold on! Beautiful weather! 40ish degrees and sunny. Dealt with some wind issues but I’m starting to think the richpond loop is always going to be windy because of the nature of it’s location? It’s just farm land. Nothing to break up the wind. Flat, but with lots of little rollers and long gradual inclines. So pretty:


Food: Breakfast was 4 cliff straberry shot bloks. I ate 1 metric ton of pizza and breadsticks from pizza hut last night and didn’t want to deal with a pants shitting situation. I kept it light.
Shoes: Brooks pureconnect 3s! New!

Entertainment: Threshold playlist.

Actual Run:

.2 miles at 10:21 warmup

I’ll spare you the copy and paste here but I hit all of my intervals except for the very first 400 meter fast repeat. I think I was going uphill and into the wind? Thats the excuse I’ll use. 🙂

How did it feel: This was hard. I walked again during the first part of my cool down. Lengthening the 200’s to 400’s in the middle is brutal. This was not my favorite workout. But I hit it and I did it. Thank god Courtney texted me this morning and made me get out of bed. I almost pushed this run to tomorrow because I was honestly a little frightened of it. IF I had pushed it’s almost certain I wouldn’t have completed the run at all.

Tata for now. L is asleep beside me and I can hear her struggling to breathe through the snot thats collected in her nose. Sounds like a pediatrician visit waiting to happen this week. Because it’s never just a cold for us. Nope. Never. Just. A. Cold. Poor baby. 🙁


*jenny VDOT day 15/ Easy

This post should have happened yesterday. I’ve been dealing with this for the past week though and my brain just isn’t in the right place. Yes, we were all okay, I don’t think the car is going to pull through…


I managed to roll myself out the front door at 5am for this run, again. Nobody is missin’ mama in the dark. Also– I was just telling Courtney the other day that more pictures of me without makeup exist on the internet now, than WITH makeup. OH, how things change as you get older.


Planned Run: 4 miles easy between 10:41 ~ 11:43 per mi.
Weather: So cold. I immediately check the weather when my alarm goes off so that I won’t roll over and go back to bed and on this morning it said 23 degrees, but the feels like temperature was 12. Shiver. Spring, you can come any day now.
Food: I didn’t eat anything for this one. Just cup of coffee numero uno.
Shoes: The now retired Brooks Pureflow 3s (the grey and pink version). I finally got my new shoes in. 🙂
Entertainment: Me and the sunrise and the howling wind that was determined to freeze my eyes shut.
Actual Run: 4.04 miles at 10:17. It was so cold. I was so ready to get home by the time I turned and realized that the first half of my run had the wind at my back. 🙁
How did it feel: These easy runs have become kind of boring. I look forward to the days that have a prescribed interval workout. It breaks up the monotony.

Funny story. I have always hated Valentine’s day. It seemed so pointless? The guy in the hat and I always get each other presents, but honestly, it’s not like we make it a special day all about lurve and romance. Mostly we use it as a way to get that additional toy we want during the year. For me it’s cotton pajama pants, sexy I know, and a pair of “sporty-ish” sunglasses this year. For him I think it’s comic books and some Iron Man toys. However. Since I’ve had Lydia? My love of Valentine’s day has skyrocketed. Through. The. Roof. I love the little crafts and all of the pink and red cutout hearts everywhere. Last year L and I made her daddy and nana little heart suncatchers with her handprint in the middle. This year we took it a step further and created some honest to God, gallery-worthy art.



I’ll post pictures of the finished product once daddy and nana receive their gifts from the cutest, tiniest cupid.

I consider it a victory that I bought this package on Sunday and just now busted into them. But I did eat 4. SO. Fail. What do you think makes them fancy??!!?? Do you think in the history of ever that a bride has served these at her wedding? Because that’s what they remind me of, little wedding thingies.  Personally I think the Christmas tree cakes are the best. YMMV.



Last but not least. NEW SHOE DAY. YAAAAAAAA-S!


*jenny VDOT day 14/ Quality Easy Marathon

I have no idea what quality level easy marathon means– I suppose it’s the pace that would be my predicted marathon pace if I were officially training for a full instead of a half? I’m going with yes. Running a marathon at 9:33 average pace, for me, seems ludicrous. But there we have it. I spent an hour last night fighting with Garmin connect and my forerunner to add this workout to my watch. I knew going in to this run that I would have to get my butt out of bed at 5am because Lydia’s very first dentist appointment was today. PICTURES!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Who has 2 thumbs and is the world’s okayest proud mommy? This gal. Not. One. Tear.



Dat face doe.

Asscrackocklock is cold man. Frigid. See that ice on my water bottle? IT FROZE THE ZIPPER! That zipper held my clif bloks. That meant I had no yummy gummy caffeinated goodness on my run.

ice ice baby

See the pebbling on my ridiculously expensive (I’m worth it) Lululemon down coat? THAT’S FROZEN NUUN YA’LL. It was apparently leaking. I couldn’t feel it though, because I had already turned into a popsicle. What the literal frak. Too cold. Ugh. I have started having daydreams about spring.


With that I give you the recap…

Planned Run:

1mi warmup

1 x 2mi @ 9:33/mi

1 x 1mi @ 10:41/mi

1 x 4mi @ 9:33/mi

1mi cooldown

Weather: I feel like you already got the picture.

Food: 3 orange caffeine enhanced clif shot bloks. I would have eaten 3 more mid run but of course my fraking bottle froze.

Shoes: Brooks Pureflow 3s, dying gasps= these shoes.

Entertainment: Threshold playlist and watching the sun rise.

Actual Run:

1 mi warmup at 10:34 pace (I was still completely asleep for this)

2 mi at 9:28 pace 

1 mi at 10:23 pace

4 mi at 9:25 pace

1 mi cooldown at 10:43 pace.

How did it feel:I’m not a “run first thing in the morning” kind of runner. I’ve tried in the past. Courtney has made great headways into being a “run first thing in the morning” runner… I’m going to have to try harder. I’ll just put it like that. I have enjoyed knowing that my run is over and done with. Though I’m not sure there’s enough coffee in the world to keep me awake until Lydia goes to bed at 8:30… we will see…

Courtney recently taught me how to use Ebay correctly. In other news I’m like, 100 years old. While perusing some used lululemon for dealz I found this, and I laughed. I’m 100, but really, I’m like an 8 year old boy. 🙂


*Jenny VDot training January Recap

A few months ago I came across an article in Runner’s World that detailed some of the more popular training philosophies and their creators. Coach Jack Daniels was the number 1 critics choice. The article convinced me that i needed to immediately have his book:

Daniel's running formula

Now, I should pause here and tell you something about myself. Actually I should tell you two things about myself.

1. I am not a data analyst. I hate numbers. Mathematical equations make me nauseated.

2. I have a mild case of ADD. If you ever meet me in real life and it seems like everything and nothing is coming out of my mouth at the same time… well, that’s because I’m socially awkward, at my best, and CONSTANTLY distracted at my worst.

Now, moving on to Daniels’ Running Formula. The book was fabulous. What I skimmed of it. I gave it the ole’ college go. I swear to God. I even managed to scratch out a 5k plan using the many varied vdot charts and calculations that Daniels’ dutifully provides. If someone held a gun to my head and told me to write a complete half marathon plan from this book? Well. I’d just look at them and say, “purple aliens eat pancakes right?” 😉 Right. So.

The perfect illustration of what I’m talking about:



All of this to say that I whole-heartedly agree with Daniels that you should run the least amount of miles to achieve whatever your goal may be (less miles, did someone say FEWER MILES, hell yes!). Jack’s other golden rule is that every workout should have a purpose. Lots of mathematical algorithms and calculations should be employed to reach your directive. God. There goes my brain, off to do the rumba at the intersection of I want to visit Fiji and, “Oooo, look, Harry Potter is on AMC!”. Let’s just say that giving the Run s.m.a.r.t. Project $70 of my money was time well spent. I did not pay for coaching, I only purchased a 14 week half marathon training plan.

In the last half of January I completed the first 3 weeks of my prescribed 14 weeks of training. My goal is to run the Kentucky Derby Festival half marathon in a time of 1:57. This is how January went and what I think so far.

Total miles ran: 88.58, some of these miles were not training miles. They were easy runs leading up to the time when formal training was set to start. I’m actually kind of surprised that I hit 88 miles in January considering that I spent the first half of the month trying to become a contender for competitive cookie eating. AKA I did a whole lot of jack shit with myself.

Total workouts prescribed: 12

Total workouts completed: 10. I spent 3 days in Texas for work that overlapped with 2 of my easy training runs. I skipped them due to being in an unfamiliar place and the WEATHER. It was 80 some odd degrees in the area of Texas that I was visiting and I was coming from 30 degree weather. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Favorite Workouts: My favorite workout in January was the below speed session. The fact that each mile was varied in pace made the workout fun, I didn’t get bored. Much different from running lots of long slow miles.

2mi warmup

1 x 2mi @ 8:56/mi

2:00 min rest

8 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

1mi cooldown

Memorable Moments: Winning 2nd in my age group at the Frozen 4 mile race with Courtney. 🙂 Check out my monster thumb photo bomb. That giant black shadow? That’s ma thumb. Yes. It’s THAT big.

frozen 4

Goals for next month: Complete every workout on my plan. Even the mid week 9 milers. Good God Jack Daniels??? How can a guy named after whiskey think a 9 mile mid week run is a good idea? As if. Looks like my rear will be up at ass-crack-o-thirty in February. Blah. I had a soft goal to complete all of my runs in January outside– and I’ve already screwed the pooch on that for February (4 mile mill run today) but let’s just pretend like today didn’t happen and make that a goal too. 🙂

So far I’m with you Mr. Daniels. I’m willing to die on your hill. Bring me home, coach.

*courtney – weekly training log 1/26/15 – 2/1/15

weekly training log 1/26/15 – 2/1/15:
total miles: 29
easy miles: 23
fast miles: 6
strength workouts: 2 spin, 2 strength and 1 yoga
overview: another strong week! i made it out of bed at 4 on tuesday and thursday, but i couldn’t do it on wednesday. the end of this week makes 127 miles for january!

planned workout: 40 minutes spin
actual workout: 40 minutes spin @ varying resistance for 9.6 miles
how did it go? felt great!

planned workout: 6 mile fartlek with 1.5 miles warmup and alternating 1 minute “on”, 2 minutes “off”, 2 minutes “on” and 1 minute “off” with pace goal “on” intervals @ 8:30 + the core strength routine/planks/myrtl
actual workout: 6 mile fartlek with 1 mile in HR zone 2 (11:31 and 144 bpm) .5 mile in HR zone 3 (10:11 and 158bpm) and “on” intervals average pace of 8:22 + the core strength routine with 10# weights
course: purple striders – paved and flat
weather: 32*/dark/misting
gear: brooks pureconnect 3, injinji micro socks, lululemon speed tight *tech fleece, lululemon swiftly racerback, lululemon flurry fighter pullover, knuckle lights, mace jogger, nathan quickshot
nutrition: caesar salad with chicken, pretzels and dip for dinner
how did it go? i love this workout! it is so fun and really makes the time go by. it snowed the night before, so i was a little worried about slick spots, but the ground was just wet like it had rained. the last 2 minute interval was a little scary because it was on blacktop which was much slicker than the road. i actually got up at 4am to do this run, i feel like i deserve a present or something! next time i will shorten the warmup to 1 mile and the cooldown to .5 mile and take on a couple of reps. on my lunch i went down to the gym and did the core with 10# weights, some planks and the myrtl routine.

planned workout: 40 minutes spin
actual workout: 45 minutes spin and weights class with christina
how did it go? holy crap this was hard! i did not realize that i would be so terrible at actual spin class! i could not do the standing drills at all, it burned down the front of my thighs. we were on the bike for ~15 minutes and then hopped off and did upper body weights, some more cardio, some squats and then clamshells. loved this class! i was pouring sweat.

planned workout: 6 miles with 4 @ 8:55 pace and 1 minute recoveries
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:17, pace splits @ 8:47, 8:45, 8:45, 8:44, 1 mile cooldown @ 11:05
course: highland/campbell – flat pavement
weather: 42*/dark/rainy/windy
gear: adidas adios boost, lululemon brushed speed tights, lululemon swiftly racerback, reebok windbreaker, c9 gloves, c9 earwarmer, knuckle lights, mace jogger, nathan quick shot
nutrition: turkey tacos for dinner and water on the run
how did it go? i think i was still half asleep during the first half of this run! it is so hard to get the body going at 4am. my main goals were to make my first mile repeat the slowest and my last mile repeat the fastest, and i actually did it! i had to be really mindful of my pace on the 3rd one, because that was the flattest portion and the wind was at my back. it was about half a second slower than the 4th repeat 🙂 i will call that a success! these repeats actually felt like a comfortable pace that i could sustain on a flat course. my heart rate didn’t get up in to the 180’s, and i was able to maintain a 3:2 breathing pattern for all of the repeats with exception of the last half mile on the 4th one.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: 30 minutes yoga from yoga studio app
how did it go? felt so awesome!

planned workout: 12 easy miles and snow flurry scurry 5k
actual workout: 12 easy miles @ 10:36 pace with snow flurry scurry in the middle
course: jenny’s neighborhood and the lost rive cave greenways – paved and flat
weather: 35*/overcast
gear: brooks pureflow 2, lululemon brushed speed tights, lululemon swiftly racerback, lululemon fluff off pullover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon fleece run with me gloves, nathan quick shot
nutrition: spicy fajitas for dinner and belvita biscuits, coffee and 1 imodium for breakfast. ate 2 tropical punch clif shot blocks every couple of miles.
how did it go? it was SO NICE to do a race and not actually race it! jenny and i both needed to do 12 easy miles, so we did a 4 mile warmup around her neighborhood, drove to the race and ran it easy and then returned to her neighborhood for the last 5 miles. we talked the whole time and kept it super easy.


planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 5 of the worst miles of all time – i.e. the one time i ran on a treadmill @ 10:20 pace
course: the treadmill. in the garage. 🙁
weather: super rainy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, lululemon dart and dash shorts, oiselle flyte tank, nathan quick shot
nutrition: pizza for dinner and pizza for breakfast. fueled by pizza.
how did it go? i absolutely despise the treadmill. if it hadn’t been pouring i would have gone outside, but i knew if i waited for it to let up i wouldn’t make it out the door! i was happy to have this one over!