I’m still a jenny…

Hey ya’ll, That was weird, *cough*, let me try again. Hi there! So, I’m Jenny. I woke up on April 17th a few years ago to a birthday cake and the realization that I’m closer to 40 than 20. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky– home of the corvette and the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers.

I am the world’s okay-est mom to a beautiful toddler named Lydia Rose…

fall 1

I am a wife to a guy in a hat…



I am one third of my beautiful family. 🙂

family 2


I am also one half of the notorious duo Couenny or is it Jenourt??

courtney and jenny3


Sometimes I sign up for races, sometimes I even take them seriously.


These are the numbers that I am most proud of.


At the end of an 18 mile training run for our very first marathon I took a picture of Courtney and I’s shoes that included: #6amrainbowrunclub, and the name stuck! People started calling us the Rainbow Run Club, though I just can’t fathom why…


I’ve known Courtney since the 7th grade– I’ve considered her my heterosexual life partner since we bonded over Courtney Love and cream soda at the one and only football game we ever attended in the 9th grade. We’ve been running together since the winter of 2011 when we both completed couch to 5k and signed up for our very first 5k race together! From that day forward we both got bit with the race bug and have run countless half marathons, trail races and even a full marathon side by side! Through life events, babies, weddings, tears, injuries, laughs and lots of farts we have run together… hopefully some of our tales from training and racing in the middle of the pack will resonate with you!

courtney and jenny2 courtney and jenny 20141102-IMG_7491




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