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*jenny It’s already November?

How is it November? How is that possible? Checks calendar. Yep. It’s still November. Which means I’m approximately 11 maybe 12 weeks out from this marathon that’s supposed to be a big PR for me? Hah. Really though, I’m working my way back onto the bandwagon.

I’m going to do the thing where I use giphys to insert colorful moving pictures of screen caps from one of my favorite shows, Supernatural, to help me write this blog post today. Mostly I just want to look at Jensen Ackles, because it’s all Dean all the time for me.

Training last week:

15.6 miles.

The bad news? 0= the number of those miles that included speed work. 10 of those miles were a long run. The good news is that those 10 miles were originally going to be 8 but I felt strong around mile 6 and decided to extend my route to give myself the option of completing 10 miles.

I’ve been going through some kind of weirdness with running in the past 4 weeks. I don’t want to do it and then I do… I complete my highest mileage week ever and then feel exhausted the next week and don’t want to run at all. I wasn’t as consistent over the summer with MAF as CBK was and it has definitely started to show. I’m just less consistent period. I think my best course of action to ready myself for this marathon is to cut back on speedwork, maybe cut back a little bit of mileage and go from there. Maybe the perfect combination for a crash and burn?

Maybe the perfect combination to get a PR? Mostly it sounds like the perfect recipe to finish the race with my dignity intact which is my ultimate goal. I would like to finish strong, possibly running/jogging the entire thing, and not feel so utterly devastated physically at the end. My biggest complaint with the BG26.2 last year was the hills and the utter physical decimation it left me in. I’m hoping I’m a stronger athlete than that this year. I’m hoping.



Anyway. In an effort to keep myself out of the personal black hole of misery that is autumn every year for me I’ve been working on adding some additional cross training and light therapy to my routine. Here’s me with my fancy grow bulb in my fancy desk lamp.

grow bulbs

I also went to a spin class this morning. I spent the majority of the class BEC-ing this lady next to me for hogging one of only two oscillating fans in the entire room for herself… the turd actually put it right in front of her bike and locked it so that it would only blow on her. Then I realized she is a neighbor of mine. So, lucky me. Don’t worry– this gym membership will go the way of the planet fitness membership that I signed up for and so ardently claimed I would use last winter (spoilers: I used it ONE time.)

Things I’m excited about, CBK and I are trying a Barre class on Thursday and I’m pretty pumped. I hope it’s fun. I hope I don’t fall over. I hope I don’t trip one of the other attendees? Let’s just hope for the best possible outcome which will be that I make it through the entire class without making a fool of myself.

We had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and of all the pictures we’ve ever taken, including our wedding pictures, this might be my favorite. I’ll do a post of my wedding pictures sometime. They’re pretty funny.

I mean, we’re both smiling. There’s that gravel road behind us. It looks like we’re on a farm (we’re really in a small field beside our church’s parking lot). Tony doesn’t have a hat on and you can actually see his face. What more could I ask for?


Also– this cheeseball, who is the song in my heart and the smile on my face. Every day all day.




Next time I’ll show off pictures of her halloween costume. It was e.p.i.c.

*courtney – MAF training log week 1

week: 1 of 16 ~ 5/4/15 – 5/10/15

total miles: 27
bike x 2
strength workouts: 2
while i am running slow i am trying to focus on my form and see how i can be more efficient. while i was half marathon training i was able to train myself to breathe at a 3 to 2 pattern so that i am exhaling on alternating feet. there is some kind of science behind it, and since i am always getting hurt on my right side i figured it couldn’t hurt 🙂 after focusing on that for a few weeks it is now second nature! surely over the next 16 weeks i can devote some time to tweaking other aspects which will help me come fall racing season.

up first are my arms! this week i began focusing on keeping my elbows bent at 90, my hands relaxed, my swing going forward and backward and not across my torso, and driving the movement from my shoulders. more form tips can be found here. i really covet katie edwards’ form in this altra video. i want to be just like her–fast, hard-working, strong and gorgeous. i noticed that when i was tensing up from a hill or my heart rate was on the upper limit my shoulders would start to hunch and i would clench my fists. in turn, by focusing on relaxing more and thinking about better form my heart rate would lower. so crazy how it is all connected!

looking back at the data i am definitely not straddling the line of 147 bpm, and i think it is because of a couple of reasons. the first being i run so damn early my body is not fully awake enough to even work that hard! the second reason being because i absolutely hate hearing my garmin scream at me when i go outside of the 137-147 range. i am afraid of authority in all aspects of life–even when it comes from a gadget on my wrist 🙂

planned workout: bike
actual workout:
rest day! too busy at work to even take a lunch. it happens!

planned workout: 4 miles and strength
actual workout: 0 miles and the core strength workout with 5# weights. 4am wakeup calls never get easier. i totally skipped out on the run 🙁

planned workout: 4 miles and 30 minutes on the bike
actual workout: 6 miles and 30 minutes on the bike
course: hilly, paved, some sidewalk
weather: 61*/humid/dark
gear: brooks purecadence 4
how did it go? i tried a new route because i wanted to get in some extra miles since i skipped the run on tuesday. i didn’t realize how hilly it would be, but i will keep it up since it was well-lit and empty.


planned workout: 4 miles and strength
actual workout: 6 miles and strength circuit
course: flat, paved, mostly sidewalk
weather: 63*/humid/dark
gear: brooks pureflow 3


planned workout: rest
actual workout: 30 minutes on the bike

planned workout: 10 miles
actual workout: 10 miles
course: sunny south carolina! hilly (450+ feet of elevation gain!) and paved
weather: 70*/windy/sunny
gear: brooks pureflow 3
nutrition: some clif shot bloks and s!caps along the run; no tummy issues
how did it go? such a beautiful running trail, but holy crap is it hilly! remind me never to run a race in greenville, south carolina unless it am doing it just for fun.


planned workout: 5 miles
actual workout: 5 miles
course: paved and flat
weather: 70*/windy/sunny
gear: brooks pureflow 3
how did it go? another awesome paved biking/running/walking trail! why doesn’t bowling green have these? this was in north carolina and i ran along side the pisgah forrest. this was my 3rd state to run in this week 🙂 over the past year i have run in 2 countries and 5 states, which isn’t a lot to some people, but makes me feel good about semi sticking to a training plan while out of town! i did have some tummy issues on this run–i will blame the chinese food from the night before!



*jenny weekly training journal 5.4-5.10.15


Monday 5.4.15:

Planned Run: 4 miles at MAF of 147
Weather including humidity: 75* with 63% humidity
Food: I ate half a bagel with cocoa barney almond butter and a oikos triple zero strawberry yogurt cup.
Shoes: blue brooks pureflow 3s. These still have a little life in them.
Entertainment: Old Easy playlist. Spent 5 solid minutes rocking out to Dragonforce’s through the fire and flames. Good times.
Actual Run:

How did it feel: Slow and hot. I took at least 10 walk breaks. Garmin connect says my elevation change for the entire run was 13 meters. Every single little incline I had to stop and walk. I think it has a lot to do with heat and humidity. It’s already getting hot in Kentucky and sometimes I have to do a lot on my lunch breaks. I’m going to try to do a morning run this week and I’m interested in seeing what a cooler temp will yield. Also– that cardiac drift. It’s a bitch!
Are you bored yet: I am not bored and I’m actually loving it and I’m only 3 runs in but… I’m really enjoying just enjoying myself!

Tuesday 5/5/15

*First off, big shout out here to T– this was our anniversary! 8 years in. God knows we’ve seen some crazy changes in just the last 2! I feel confident that we will make it through the next 8 and beyond just fine. 🙂 Sure we want to kill each other some days. Don’t all couples? 🙂 For my anniversary I got an AWESOME set of jaybird bluetooth earbuds. I’ve been hem hawing around about buying them forever and the husband treated me. They are freaking incredible. So worth it. Thanks honey! Love you! 🙂

Planned Run: 5 miles at MAF
Weather including humidity: 11 am *82 with 38% humidity
Food: Oikos triple zero strawberry and a bagel thin with cocoa almond butter
Shoes: blue pureflows
Entertainment: The Another Mother Runner podcast, the episode with special guest Summer Sanders. Summer, you are my new spirit animal. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and may actually listen to it again. I liked it that much.
Actual Run:  So in true Jenny fashion, once again, I messed up. I created a workout on garminconnect and uploaded it to my watch… except I only created 1 big 5 mile interval. So I have no idea what my heart rates or average paces per mile were. I know they were slow. I had to take at least 6 walk breaks throughout this one. I think I’ve finally got the garmin thing figured out now though… fingers crossed. On a less important note… shorts tan 2015 is coming along nicely. Along with shoe and sock tan lines on my feet.
How did it feel: HOT. HAWT.
Are you bored yet: Nope. Not at all.

Wednesday 5/6/15:

Planned Run: 4 miles at MAF
Weather including humidity: 11 am *80 sunny and 37% humidity
Food: Oikos strawberry triple zero and a nature’s own bagel thin with barney cocoa almond butter
Shoes: Blue pureflow 3s. I wish I’d kept an accurate count on the mileage on these shoes. I know they’re still good but it would be nice to know how long for. LOL 🙂
Entertainment: Trail runner nation podcast– this one was a first for me. I need to get into it a little and figure out who these guys are.
Actual Run:

miles 2
How did it feel: I feel like this is the most accurate portrayal of cardiac drift I’ve gotten so far. I’ve been counting my walk breaks up small inclines (how embarrassing) and on this day I only took 2. Which is awesome considering it was hotter than it has been. But it was also less humid. I also think these paces are the most accurate I’ve gotten so far.
Are you bored yet: I am not bored at all. It’s only week 1 but I am loving this. I’m listening to old playlists and new podcasts. it’s not a chore to go out and do my run because I know it’s going to be at a super easy pace. Talk to me again after MAF test #2 I guess. 🙂

Thursday: Iron Strength workout from Runner’s World. Info can be found here.


Planned Run: 4 MAF
Weather including humidity: *83/ 38% humidity
Food: Bagel thin with cocoa coconut almond butter and oikos triple zero berry yogurt
Shoes: blue pureflow 3s
Entertainment: TFC playlist
Actual Run:

How did it feel: Hot and slow. 🙂
Are you bored yet: Still loving it. 🙂


Planned Run: 10 MAF
Weather including humidity: *66/ 82% humidity
Food: I did some quick googling while I was drinking my cup of coffee to try to decide if I should eat or not? This is all a learning experience for me. The paces I’m running at feel fine and the entire point of MAF is to try to teach your body to burn fat and not sugar… so I took 3 gus with me, just in case, and skipped breakfast. Though I DID have a big dinner at Gondolier (italian) the night before. 🙂
Shoes: blue pureflows. Just about dead.
Entertainment: Another Mother Runner podcast, the no limits challenge recap episode. I really enjoyed this one.
Actual Run:

How did it feel: This felt fabulous. OH the difference a 20 degree temperature change can make. The last 2 miles of this my HRM died a good death and I didn’t get any accurate HR data. I just tried to keep my pace consistent with what it had been during the previous miles. I like that the data BEFORE the HRM went dead is nice and consistent in the 11’s. It just goes to show what temperature does to our bodies.
Are you bored yet: STILL not bored. 🙂

Total weekly miles: 27

In non running news my boogie bear is sick once again. A nasty viral infection that we will have to retest for in a month. 🙁 Spare a good thought, prayer or some positive vibes? Here’s a picture from Mother’s Day (which deserves it’s very own post this week :).



Also my most favorite coffee mug ever…




*Jenny Maf test 1 and weekly training log 4/27-5/3/15

This will be a short update because I took it easy this week. I did complete my first MAF test, and in true Jenny style completely messed it up! HAH. Story of my life.

You’re going to see a lot about MAF training in the coming months. Courtney already explained in a previous post but to summarize, it’s a training methodology that requires you to run at a certain heart rate for 16 weeks to build a solid aerobic base for continued training. Phil Maffetone created this method during years of research and testing in exercise science and kinesiology. I just spent 4 months training myself to enhance my Vo2 max and blowing my half goal out of the water, but now I’m going to take it back to basics because I have a very big goal forming in my mind to work towards over the next few months. More on that in a later post. Maffetone asserts that by training at or below a certain low heart rate (your age minus 180; my MAF heart rate for example is 147) you can vastly improve your aerobic base and see major speed gains after the 16 week period. His method is supposed to teach your body to burn fat for fuel instead of glycogen. I really hope I burn some fat. I’m a completely average built lady, but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds! 🙂 I officially kicked off my MAF training on Sunday with my very first test which I’ll detail below.

Tuesday morning:

3 miles easy on the treadmill. I was a little bit jetlagged from flying (this was a business travel week for me so it also made tons of sense to take it easy) and this was just a shakeout run from the Derby half. Lots of little niggling aches and pains. I didn’t pay attention to my heart rate or my pace. I know it was slow and steady. I did this run on an empty stomach with no coffee but drank water to thirst. Treadmills are so awesome like that. Your water is just right there along with your iphone and a tv… it’s a damn shame that they cause me so much grief if I do too many miles on them.

Friday afternoon:

I feel like I can get back on format with this one. 🙂

Planned Run: 4 miles at MAF
Weather: Sunny and warm. I’m not sure on the exact temp. I definitely wore shorts and a tech tee.
Food: A bagel and nutella
Shoes: Brooks pureflow 4’s. I need to do a review of these shoes.
Entertainment: The Another Mother Runner podcast, the get ready for marathon training episode.
Actual Run: 4.29 miles/ 11:24 average pace and average HR of 141 bpm.
How did it feel: This felt wonderful. All of my niggling pains from Tuesday were gone. My hamstrings are back in good shape and my butt finally felt fine. I hesitate to say I have piriformis syndrome because I’ve never been to the doctor for it (down with copays!) but I’m pretty sure I have piriformis syndrome. I hate sitting for long periods of time because it causes major pain and the last pains to go away after a hard race are the ones in mah butt.

Sunday Afternoon *MAF test #1:

I decided to do my very first MAF test on a nicely flat 1 mile loop in my neighborhood. There’s one tiny hill but on garmin connect there’s virtually no elevation change. I decided to reverse my direction for my last 2 miles of the test and took a wrong turn resulting in a wonky course. I also accidentally breathed on the lap button *sarcasm* and had a hiccup there. Next time I’ll create a MAF test workout in my garmin and go by that. Live and learn. I live my life notoriously unprepared.

Final note, I made my MAF test a total of 5 miles.

Mile 1: 1 mile warmup below MAF. Pace: 12:00/ Average Heart rate: 140

Mile 2: *This is where I hit the lap button accidentally* .77 miles. Pace: 12:57/ Average Heart Rate: 144

Mile 3: 1 mile. Pace 12:56/ Average Heart Rate: 144

Mile 4: 1 mile. Pace 13:13 (you can really see the cardiac drift taking place)/ Average Heart Rate: 144

Mile 5: 1 mile. Pace: 13:02/ Average Heart Rate: 143

Lap 6: .23 miles. Pace: 11:37 (downhill)/ Average Heart Rate: 145

Weather: *72 and sunny with 47% humidity
A sea salt and caramel Kind bar 2 and a half hours previous to the run.
Blue Brooks Pureflow 3
TFC playlist
Actual Run:
5 miles at 143 average heart rate.
How did it feel:

So there are the numbers in their ugly glory. I have a lot of work to do and I’m excited to do it! 🙂

In non running news we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend. It was exactly what I wanted in a summer blockbuster. Joss Whedon never disappoints. I love explosions.

I also really really really really kind of like Thor.

Like I mentioned earlier. Somebody turned 2. Elmo 2. 🙂

Elmo 2

One of her birthday presents was a classic plastic turtle sandbox. She loves it. She had an Elmo birthday cake and hasn’t stopped talking about baking another elmo birthday cake (with sand) since. 🙂

Elmo cake

During mass today the only thing that kept her happy was putting stickers all over me. I didn’t realize I was still wearing them until we got home from church, I did my MAF test and came back in the house and looked down… #momlifefoevah

MAF stickers

We got some good pantsless kite flying in last weekend. There’s no party like a pantsless party because pantsless parties don’t stop. Yep.


naked kite

The first time I came to Keriakis park and wasn’t running the trail? Also. Sidenote, but for BG residents. Keriakis play park is the bomb. It’s shaded and not as crowded as 3 springs. Winning.

rub my tummy





*courtney – i finally ran a half marathon under 2 hours!

yes. it happened–i broke 2 hours in the half marathon on 3/28/2015 at the total fitness connection run for children miniMarathon! official results can be found here, i think the most exciting part was getting to add it to my athlinks profile 🙂


while the goal was out there for a while, the only other time i actually attempted to run sub-2 was at the kentucky derby festival miniMarathon in 2014. i came up short by close to 7 minutes, and knew by mile 7 that i had no business even attempting it. i actually had a pretty strong first half, but bathroom issues and serious lack of training led to a nasty positive split. with my hip injury in january of that year, i only ran 93 miles from february 1st to april 18th in preparation for that race–what a joke that i thought that would cut it!

sometime in the fall i decided that i was going to make the local tfc run for children half marathon my goal race. i combed the internet for all types of sub-2 training plans, and created my own frankenstein plan in google sheets. i found appropriate training paces via all of the different calculators and mapped out 16 weeks that included different types of intervals, hill repeats, progression runs, short and long tempo work, and long runs that went past the 13.1 mark. i made sure to keep my easy runs super easy by wearing my heart rate monitor and staying in zone 2, and i incorporated a recovery week of easy, decreased mileage every 4 weeks. i hovered around an average of 25 miles per week throughout the cycle. i also did quite a bit of strength training and cross-training, but i will admit i was not quite as diligent as i could have been. when i toed the line on march 28th, i felt mentally and physically prepared to meet the goal. it was an out and back course, and unfortunately there was a headwind on the way back. the toughest miles were miles 7-11, and i remember not enjoying any of the songs that were coming on, feeling cold from the wind, and thinking maybe it just wasn’t gonna be my day. finally at mile 11 it was time to turn right on to the main road to the finish line, and i just zoned in. i ended up hitting not only a half marathon PR, but i also set new 10k and 5k PRs in that second half of the race! it was exhilarating crossing that finish line!

after the race i took a week of recovery and then jumped back in to training hoping that this year’s derby miniMarathon would yield an even faster time since the course is flatter. jenny and i talked about trying to do under 1:55, and i programmed my watch for that. unfortunately we woke up to rain, humidity, and some cross-winds. jenny was sick, and i was mentally not in the game. again, i had a really strong first half, but at some point i went under a tunnel and my watch rebooted. from then on my splits and pace were erratic and i had no idea what pace i was running. i stopped and walked to eat my second gel. then i stopped and walked again. then again. and then one last time during mile 10. i kept trying to tell myself to just listen to the music and don’t worry about pace, but i couldn’t focus. i crossed that finish line in 1:57:29 and felt totally spent. although my time was still great, i felt like a failure. i am beginning to think maybe derby is just not the course for me. i don’t know if it is the crowd or if it is too flat (too flat?!?!?!), but i always really struggle during the second half.

now that this big goal has been crossed off–what’s next? of course watching the boston marathon last week has me wanting to lose 30 pounds, quit my job, and start training 60 miles per week to qualify as soon as possible. but, this is real life, and until they invent calorie-free nachos and money starts growing on trees, i need to tone my goals down. i believe jenny and i are set on spending the summer building a really great base via maffetone/low heart rate training, and then attempting to run a sub-4 hour full marathon in january. i can tell slowing my easy runs down has helped me get fitter aerobically and stay injury free. i am also hoping it will help me lose some weight. i didn’t feel like dieting during goal-race training was a good idea, but the extra weight didn’t hurt! i swear every pound i gain is a minute off my PR 🙂

so, saturday i will do my first MAF test at a heart rate of 147 and for the following 16 weeks i will keep every run under that. it will probably get super tedious, but maybe that will help me with the mental toughness that i lacked in saturday’s half marathon. i am hoping to ramp my mileage up to 30 miles per week by july, 35 in june and 40 in august. then in september i will start incorporating speedwork back in to the mix and start 16-week goal specific marathon training plan for the louisiana marathon. i’m also committed to 2 strength workouts per week. if i slack on yoga or cross-training, i won’t beat myself up over it, but i have got to get my core and butt toned up.

i will post my first MAF test results on saturday–another commitment! 🙂


I am purgatory. I am an orphan without a plan. 🙂 The Kentucky Derby festival half marathon on April 25th is going to be my last race on the calendar before beginning the summer cycle. Thankfully Courtney is towing me along behind her kicking and screaming to complete it. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for out of this race. I hesitate to try for another PR because I don’t want to get hurt and I already achieved the goal I set for myself back in December when I began shopping training plans. But I also know that the Kentucky Derby half course has historically been very kind to me, it’s fast and flat and the crowd support is amazing. I guess we’ll see. Between now and then I’ve promised myself to be more diligent about updating my training log here at the blog. Blog log. HAH. 🙂 Without further ado– I give you, my recap.

Planned Run: 6 miles easy.

Weather: Overcast and drizzley. Just gross outside. Slightly chilly.

Food: A small sweet potato and banana for breakfast. My mom has been dealing with a really weird psoraisis-like breakout and I agreed to try an elimination diet with her called the autoimmune protocol diet. I have no idea how long I will make it through this as it requires you to cut out coffee (I can already tell you that will happen when hell freezes over and satan comes for dinner), chocolate (shit), all nightshade vegetables including white potatoes and tomatoes (double shit), corn, gluten (gluten is like my 6th food group) and sugar (fuck and double fuck). But I agreed so I’m gonna’ give it a shot for a week.

Shoes: Blue pureflow 3s. I was having problems with these shoes. I believe I’m developing a neuroma on my left toe closest to the pinkie toe. I have to basically untie them to wear them but they’ve been the best shoes for me so far and I want to continue wearing them!

Entertainment: The Another Mother Runner podcast.

Actual Run: 6 miles at 11:11 pace, make a wish!

How did it feel: I tried to run this in the MAF range that I’m shooting for beginning next month. Tried to keep my heart rate average around 147. Turns out I nailed it with an average heart rate of 147 for the run! It felt a little slow and arduous but I reversed a route that I’ve done in the past and got to see some pretty houses and green farm land (spring is finally here to stay in Kentucky) and that was nice.

For the non running portion of my life lately… Tony and I just started Netflix’ Daredevil on Sunday and within 4 episodes it has shot to the top of my must watch tv shows list. Throughout the first 2 episodes I kept asking Tony who was playing Matt Murdock, I was too lazy to google. Finally after beginning episode 3 on Monday night I grabbed my phone and figured it out… Charlie Cox! None other than Tristan Thorn from Stardust! Only one of my most guilty of guilty pleasure movies!

Stardust is also my FAVORITE Neil Gaiman book. Daredevil definitely isn’t for kids, it’s more Frank Miller than Joss Whedon and I have actually had to look away from the television a few times– I don’t think I’ll ever look at the door of a suburban the same again *shudder*. It’s fabulous though. WATCH it.

On Sunday afternoon the guy in the hat and I loaded up Elton John jr and took her to the Nashville zoo.

She has talked about nothing else for the past week. We saw Dumbo (elephants), Araffes (giraffes) and goats (they had a petting zoo). I’m pretty sure her favorite was the goats which is funny considering we could have stayed in Bowling Green for goats.

Elton john


Those band aids on her knees were Anna and Elsa band aids. I thought we would escape frozen-fever because L is just shy of 2 and didn’t seem interested… until T let her watch it one Saturday morning while I was doing my long run. Now she specifically asks for Frozen Anna, Elsa and Olaf. Exactly like that. She thinks that’s the title of the movie. I hear mumbles of, “let it go let it go” as she toddles around the house. We didn’t escape.


elton john 2


Zoo coma. Notice the perfectly placed elmo sticker on her chest buckle. At one point I gave her a sheet of stickers to occupy her on the hour long drive home. I turned around, then around again and she was covered from head to toe in stickers. I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Zoo coma

I will officially be the owner of a 2 year old person on April 26th. If you need me I’ll be hiding in my coat closet hysterically sobbing.

So true:

2 yo

The zoo was kind of her reward for helping me deal with our spring/summer landscaping on Saturday morning. She was a big helper. She picked out every one of these flowers for me. 🙂

lydia flowers

The dyed black mulch I chose for the flower beds this year was not kind to me. This was after 15 washes and 2 showers. I don’t normally sport black nailbeds. At least, not since my goth phase in high school.



If I don’t check back in before April 25th wish me LUCK!


*courtney – sometimes life happens… training log 2/16/15 – 3/8/15

this tumblr is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time:Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 5.30.40 PMhello? do you even remember me? i have been completely absent recently due to some life stuff. my mom was in the hospital last week, and i couldn’t find a second to breathe let alone run or blog. the good news is that she is back home now and doing fantastic! 🙂

i have actually done some running since that last time i dropped in, though. the week of the snowpocalypse of 2015 i managed to get 24 easy miles done mostly on the treadmill. it actually was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. if you have the right company (jenny) the miles kind of fly by. i would still choose the great outdoors any day of the week, but i am glad i know i can use the treadmill as a last resort. i did not do any yoga, strength, core or cross training that week. major check-minus for me on that front.

the week after that was the trip to the hospital in south carolina. sleeping in one of those half-assed attempts at a recliner from sunday-saturday does not equal proper rest for half-marathon training. i kept telling myself i would sneak away for an hour here or there, but i just never felt properly rested or in the right headspace. i wanted to spend all of my time either with my mom or doing something for her. it was a terrible reason to spend a week with my parents, but kenny and i still had a blast and it was so good to see them. i will be going back later this month, and i SWEAR this time i will honestly make time to explore some of the cool stuff here: RunFurman.

so that brings us up to speed to this week! while we got another snow dump, i did manage to get all of my runs in. getting caught up at work meant zero lunch breaks, so this is my third week in a row with zero cross training, yoga, weights, etc. i can feel my butt and core turning even mushier than they already were! i do feel like that may have been overload to do this week since i was out of the game completely last week. speaking of… how did an entire week of rest effect my training you might ask? well, i’m not really sure. i didn’t run for an entire 9 days, but i didn’t do any sort of time trial before the break. my first run back was scheduled to be 1k repeats. the two noticeable things for me were that a.) my HR seemed a little higher on my warmup than usual which tells me i may have lost a little of my aerobic base, and b.) my legs felt absolutely fantastic! haha, i know that is to be expected, and it really makes me respect the taper that is coming soon. the good news is that my repeats were considerably improved from the last time i did them in january. i don’t want to think about what they might have been if i hadn’t taken the week off, i will just be happy that i am improving and try to keep forging on. thursday’s run seemed like my HR was about where i expected it to be during the warmup and slower miles, so maybe i was just tired on tuesday. i know i was also really nervous. i honestly thought that 9 days off was going to bring me back barely able to run a mile without sucking wind. thank god that wasn’t the case.

goals for this coming week are to re-introduce my core, strength and cross training and take advantage of the beautiful weather we are supposed to be getting! i also need to start focusing on nutrition leading up to the march 28th tfc minimarathon. i am still having stomach issues, and i need to be more mindful of what i eat on thursdays and fridays leading up to my saturday long runs.

week: 3/2/15 – 3/8/15

total miles: 32
easy miles: 24
fast miles: 8
strength workouts: 0
overview: i was pretty delighted to hit my prescribed paces this week, but i will say i am definitely sore! this is the first time i have been this sore in a long time, and i blame my hiatus last week. i HAVE to get back to my cross training schedule. i definitely notice a difference when i do it and when i don’t. i also have to get my freaking gut in order. i am not sure why my stomach hates me and hates running, but it’s being way harsh.

planned workout: spin
actual workout: nada

planned workout: 6 miles with 5 x 1000m repeats @ 5:00 (8:04 pace) and 2:50 recovery + the core strength routine
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:41 (151 average HR), 1000m splits @ 4:52, 4:59, 5:02, 4:57, 5:00, and 1 mile cooldown @ 11:27 + no core routine
course: purple striders, paved and flat
weather: 37*/dark
gear: altra the one2, athleta be free tights, lululemon long sleeve swiftly, oiselle flyer jacket, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, c9 ear warmer, mace jogger, knuckle light, nathan quick shot
nutrition: i think i had burger king for dinner, but i didn’t have anything pre-run and didn’t have any gi issues
how did it go? as i mentioned earlier, my HR was running a little higher than i’d like to see, which could indicate loss of aerobic fitness. it could also be caused by the fact that i didn’t sleep well at all the week before, and i really was nervous about this run. i am happy to report that the hard work is paying off–my splits in january for this workout were 5:06, 5:07, 5:08, 5:14, 5:17–and i remember that feeling REALLY hard. i am definitely showing signs of improvement! also, these shoes are great! i am so excited to wear them again, i just don’t want to transition too fast and cause injury.

planned workout: 4 easy + spin
actual workout: zilch
how did it go? i couldn’t drag myself out of bed, i didn’t take a lunch at work, i was at the office from 7am-5:45pm, [insert another lame excuse here]

planned workout: 7 miles w/ 5 tempo @ 8:44 + strength
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:25 (140 HR), tempo splits @ 8:53, 8:50, 8:44, 8:36, 8:26 and 1 mile cooldown at 10:25
course: the treadmill due to snowpocalypse 2015 part 2 rearing it’s snowy head
weather: it was pretty cold in my garage, but i warmed up!
gear: adidas adios boost, lululemon brushed speed tights, gsx long sleeve shirt, c9 ear warmer, lululemon run with me fleece gloves
nutrition: belvita biscuits for breakfast, stouffers lasagna for lunch and a caramel gu ~30 minutes pre-run. no gi problems!
how did it go? i was a little worried about maintaining pace for 5 miles straight, so i decided to cut down from 8:55 and average out at the 8:44 prescribed pace (actual average was 8:42). cutdown/progression runs seem to work really well for me. i am thinking that is the type of plan i will implement for the half marathon. this run definitely felt hard. i was counting down the minutes during the last 2 miles. i am not sure how i would have done on the road without the belt of the treadmill helping and wind, elevation changes, etc. it definitely felt like a great workout, though, so i am not going to discount the intensity. if i have to do speedwork on the treadmill during this training cycle again i may up the pace/intensity just in case to account for those external factors.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: none
how did it go? snowed in and lazy!

planned workout: 14 easy miles
actual workout: 14 miles @ 11:38 (average HR 148)
course: house to briarwood and back – paved and flat
weather: 30*/sunny/windy
gear: brooks pureflow 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, lululemon full tilt long sleeve shirt, reebok vest, lululemon fluff off mittens, c9 ear warmer, c9 sunglasses, nike feather light visor, nathon quick shot+
nutrition: firehouse subs for dinner, 2 belvita biscuits and coffee pre-run, caramel gu @ mile 4 and mile 8. bathroom stop at mile 5.5 and mile 9.5. so disappointing!!!
how did it go? i had to be really strategic about when and where i ran since the snow was still all over non-plowed roads and all sidewalks. this route was ok on the out part, but the back was a little too trafficy for my liking. experiencing stomach problems on an easy long run is so frustrating. i didn’t feel great the entire run, and i am thinking i was dehydrated (i have to start working on this on thursdays and fridays). i felt really hot and my heart rate was elevated during the first 2 miles, which is super odd. the back portion was in to the wind, so that didn’t help. i was ready for this run to be OVER. this is the longest run i have for this training cycle. we will see how running over the distance helps or hinders my performance. i have seen it recommended, but i have never actually applied it.

planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 5 easy miles including 1 on the trail @ 11:10 pace; 5 minute run/1 minute walk
course: keriakes and the greenways – gravel and paved, mostly flat
weather: 60*/overcast
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon tracker shorts, oiselle flyte tank, under armor tee shirt
nutrition: pizza and beer for dinner, banana nut crunch cereal with honey almond milk and coffee for breakfast and zaxby’s salad for lunch. no gi issues, and this surely should have caused some issues. what gives?
how did it go? the trail still had some slush on it and was incredibly busy, so after the first loop i took to the greenways. i felt good, but i had a hard time just zoning out. i did 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals to keep it nice and easy on my tired legs.

VDOT day 27/ QS threshold 2 mile repeats + 200s

I’m going to go wild and start with the run recap first today. Also, check out that subject line. I’m back on track!

Planned Run: Supposed to be 5 miles easy but I had to switch it up because I did the easy workout yesterday to test my knee out. So today’s workout became this monster.22615 planned workout

Weather: It’s a heatwave I tell you. 36 degrees and sunny.

Food: 2/3 of my bowl of cranberry almond quaker protein oatmeal. I don’t like this flavor iteration as well as the banana nut bread version. I didn’t realize I didn’t eat the entire bowl until I got back from the run and saw the little congealed oat-ey blobs that were left in the bowl. Whoops. Also one salted caramel gu after the first 2 mile repeat. I probably could have taken 2 gels on this run. At the very least this is my note to self to always carry 2 gels on speed days.

Shoes: I’ll do my very first run OOTD. Was I repping the rainbow run club or what in this get up?


Details: Athleta sonar capris, the saucony half zip that i gushed about yesterday (yes it smelled), a lululemon short sleeve swiftly (it’s turquoise and other than that I don’t know, I bought it used from my dealer *ahem* a facebook BST group) and Brooks purconnect 3s.

Entertainment: My brand new easy playlist that I’m loving.

Actual Run: This mess:


How did it feel: Honestly it was hard. I didn’t complete all of the 200s. I think I hate 200s. Yeah. I do. That’s a pretty solid; kill it kill it with fire. I either lost some fitness last week during winter storm Octavia (she has a name???) or something is off. I’m not sick anymore, I just got over a really weak head cold… the only thing I can think of is that I only ate a bowl of cereal for dinner last night because I commuted in to work yesterday and was exhausted by the time I got home last night. When I’m super tired I have a hard time eating. My stomach is weird. I won’t make that mistake again. I really need to start using Myfitnesspal to track my macronutrients. I think I could benefit from knowing that my little debbie addition isn’t helping to fuel my runs properly… ?

Now for some product reviews. I’m going to keep this nice and short. This stuff, both of them, taste as if you distilled satan’s piss down to it’s very essence and then added in pinches of dirt and dehydrated vomit for good measure. Here’s the deal. I like the IDEA of the recoverite. It has all kinds of yummy, recovery goodness in it. But the taste. I just can’t with that. I don’t know if Hammer is the only company with this type of product in the market? Fool me once, Hammer, fool me once… I’ll stick to my beloved Nuun in the future and continue the hunt (or just give up because really, chocolate milk is a pretty frakking delicious recovery drink) for a recovery product I like, re: can stomach.


After forcing down that disgusting citrus concoction I made this and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, tastes like unicorn tears and the collected dew droplets on angel’s wings after the most beautiful sunrise you could possibly imagine. So it pretty much made up for it.


My love hate relationship with Kanye continues. I remember purchasing and LOVING (like, so seriously loved it) Late Registration way back when I still had to put little rainbow reflective discs into a slot on my dashboard to listen to music. God. Aren’t we glad that’s all over? Anyway. I loved Kanye. I love this song. Like, so seriously love it. It brings a tear to my eye. How can he write such incredible songs and be such a douche lord? The world may never know. Here’s to hoping that one day soon we all wake up and he’s on Good Morning America announcing that Kim and all of his crazy antics were just a really long performance art piece. But that Nori man. What a beauty.


Here’s what was left of the snowmageddon on my run route today. So beautiful. God’s country. I dream of living other places but my heart will always belong to Kentucky.

whatsleft whatsleft2

I think Runner’s world posted this. It’s nice and shit.


I have a lot of thoughts today so just bear with me. Here’s a chicken chasing a cat just for those of you who have stayed with me this long.

I’ll finish this whole crazy mashup off with this picture of me wearing full makeup. L goes to a semi-swanky part time early learning center right now for 5 hours a day. I figured out that if I wear the one nice pair of shoes that I own (mostly for work trips) to daycare pickup that the lululemoms don’t give me shiteating glares. SO I wear these Michael Kors flats with everything. Sweatpants? Holy jeans? A bathrobe? A GARBAGE BAG? Shit. Throw on the MKs gurl.


Last but not least. This kid. She is 1000 shades of fucking awesome and I love her so much that it physically HURTS me.


*jenny vdot i’m not sure anymore can someone bring bread and water?

This shit is happening all over the place and really cramping my style this week.IMG_8987

Everybody in BG KY went to bed Sunday night saying… nah, it’s not gonna’ happen. We won’t get the FRAKKING FORECASTED FOOT of snow. But guess what. We did. And this is happening between Nashville and BG…



We southerners do not take kindly to inclement conditions.

Everyone in my facebook feed is posting this picture saying they saw this on xxx road. Nerds. Some nerds nerd harder than even my nerdiness and I laugh at those guys.


I have been running, but it’s been on a treadmill and it hasn’t been that exciting. Luckily this week was all easy miles. 30 of them. I think I’m up to 13 at this point. My dear neighbor friend always says you should run outside because you never know what race day will bring. I don’t think race day is going to bring a foot of frakking snow but what do I know. Absurd.

I have been trying to do yoga. Look at those flailing arms, that randomly out turned foot. I have the world’s most adorable little yogini helper down there in the corner though. Sorry the picture is so heinous, it’s not like my husband is a professional photographer in his spare time (spoiler, he is).


I will leave you with this. One good thing about long easy miles on the treadmill is that it gives you some time to fumble through spotify playlists and radio stations. I found this song and it’s a good one!


Also good about the treadmill? Seeing that awful guy who is *Lena Dunham’s boyfriend in Girls and also a new baddie bad in upcoming Star Wars* on law and order with ICE T. Adam, you just don’t stand a chance against Ice T. I think this is Ice T right? Not cube? Cube’s another dude. Anyway. That’s all I have. Things are getting a little hairy around here. Day 5 shut up with my family and I’m ready to ship them off to another country…



*courtney – weekly training log 02/09/15 – 02/15/15

i’m drinking a beer on a sunday, because according to the weatherman we are gearing up for the great snowpocalypse of 2015. i LOVE snow, so i am pretty pumped about this! the plus side to commuting 65 miles one way to work is that in inclement weather i get to work from home 🙂

pink has always been my favorite color!
pink has always been my favorite color!

we don’t get a lot of snow ’round these parts, so i am not sure what it will mean for my training. the good news is that this is a cutback week for me, and kenny and i are going to south carolina to visit my parents on wednesday, so i might not have to slip and slide or succumb to the treadmill too much.

i cannot wait to visit my parents in south carolina! i haven’t seen my mom since december, and i haven’t seen my dad since the wedding in july! i am hoping my mom will feel up to doing what we do best–shopping and eating.

i promise to run some easy miles in new places and post about them!

week: 02/09/15 – 02/15/15

total miles: 27
easy miles: 21
fast miles: 6
strength workouts: 2 spin and 1 strength – got off track with a work lunch and race packet pickup 🙁
overview: the week felt great, but my body is definitely asking for some rest, and i will gladly give it some. i feel super tight tonight, and i am kicking myself for not squeezing yoga in at some point. i am also having problems with my heart rate monitor(s)… i couldn’t wear my chest strap at all this week, because it cut me to pieces on saturday. the bottom of the strap cuts (not chafes) my skin, and i am not sure how to avoid that–bandaid? duct tape? on the other hand, my optical wrist strap is just not very accurate. it recorded a new high of 203 on saturday during our warmup. while i don’t doubt it got pretty high on one of those hills while we were running at race pace, i absolutely know i didn’t spike that high during the first 10 minutes 😉 so, i am currently exploring new options, because keeping my heart rate under 154 is how i know i am going easy. if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

planned workout: spin
actual workout: 7 miles on the bike

planned workout: 6 miles with 6 x hill repeats + the core strength workout
actual workout: 5.5 miles with 6 x hill repeats @ 11:35 pace + the core
course: campus – paved and has a nice and long 1/4 mile hill which gets pretty steep for ~200m
weather: 30*/dark
gear: brooks pureflow 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, lululemon fluff off pullover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens
nutrition: hot and sour soup and pork chops for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? hill repeats are just the worst in my opinion, but i really tried to push it on the sprints and fully recover on the downhills. i do feel like i am making progress on my form and power, so that is a plus!

planned workout: 4 miles easy + spin
actual workout: 4 miles easy @ 11:17 (147 HR) + 7 miles spin
course: the bypass – paved and hilly
weather: 27*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: turkey tacos for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? this was an easy, barely awake run

planned workout: 6 miles easy + strength
actual workout: 6 miles easy @ 11:19 (146 HR)
course: highland/campbell – paved and semi-rolling
weather: 30*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: chicken caesar salad for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? the run was straight in to the wind on the second half which was absolutely brutal. i think the wind chills made the real feel ~10*. i was happy to see some other runners out in the wee hours on my way home. i didn’t get to strength train on my lunch break because we had a team lunch. if i had any sense of discipline i would have made myself do the simple workout when i got home, but i suck.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: none… because of that lack of discipline thing. jenny and i went and got our packets for the hot chocolate 15k race. i did give a man the finger when he honked at me, so i got to work that muscle.

planned workout: hot chocolate 15k race! jenny’s plan prescribed a 2 mile warmup, 4 x 1 mile @ 8:56 pace with 1 minute recovery, 8 x 200m @ 7:50 pace with 200m recovery, and a 2 mile cooldown
actual workout: 2 mile warmup @ 10:00 pace, tempo miles @ 8:52, 8:53, 8:59, 8:40, and then after that it all kinda went downhill for the 200m repeats, but we held ~9:00 pace for the last 3.3 miles
course: downtown nashville – paved and hilly as fuck
weather: 31*/sunny
gear: brooks pureconnect 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, lululemon swiftly racerback tank, lululemon flurry fighter pullover, lululemon run with me mittens, the north face ear warmer
nutrition: olive garden asiago tortellini with meat sauce, salad, hummus, breadsticks, wings, and dessert for dinner (so, actually typing it all out makes me realize why i had some serious tummy issues the next morning); coffee, 1 imodium and belvita soft baked biscuit for breakfast; caffeinated nuun and a couple of shot bloks during the run (1 at mile 3 and 1 at mile 6)
how did it go? thankfully jenny and i decided we would treat this as a training run and not a race. shitshow is a pretty accurate description of the second half of the run. i ran in to some major tummy problems, and i am working to figure out what the cause was, but i am thinking i should have made some better choices at the olive garden the night before. i also learned that i should have tied the drawstring of my pants before the start, because i was tugging at my waistband pretty much every mile. i was NOT prepared for the hills and 400′ of elevation gain on the course. couple that with mile and 200m repeats, and boy was that a workout. after the mile repeats jenny turned and told me the 200’s were up next. i told her i would try, but i wasn’t sure how many i could hang on for. i had no idea how many we had done, but at some point we came to another freaking hill, “turn down for what” came on, and my stomach had had enough. i tapped jenny and told her i needed to stop and to go on without me. i turned down all right, and i walked it off a little bit and then started jogging. turns out she was on her last repeat, so i was able to catch up to her when she got to the cooldown. we walked a couple of more seconds and i told her i thought i could make it the last couple of miles. we passed the porta-potty and she urged me to go, but being a dumbass i said no, i could keep going. it was painful, but i carried on. i was so over it and just wanted it to be over. jenny was such a trooper and was telling me stories to keep my mind off it. when we saw the finish line we sprinted on in and got our medals. i immediately found the ladies room, and then we went and got our delicious hot chocolate and treats. the miles at pace definitely felt hard, but we climbed 270′ in the first 6 miles, so i think we did a damn fine job and the effort was warranted. it was definitely a great training run, but i am sad that i am still playing with the fueling and gi issues. i have got to figure that out before the half. also, the pureconnects were not the best choice for this distance. i will leave them to interval runs of <6 miles.

planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 3 easy trail miles @ 11:01 pace via 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals
course: keriakes – gravel and rolling path
weather: 15*/sunny
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon brushed speed tights, lululemon think fast long sleeve shirt, athleta cinch popover, saucony gaiter, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, polartec mittens, lululemon run with me toque
nutrition: wendys for dinner, donut and coffee for breakfast
how did it go? i knew not to push it on this run since i was still sore from nashville’s hills, so i decided to cut it to 3 miles and throw in walk breaks every 5 minutes. i was actually faster than usual, go figure. it felt nice to shake everything out, and it was so cold i had the whole park to myself!