Yesterday afternoon this:


Became this:


OH the cuteness. It kills. T claims that L is going to grow up thinking every holiday is like Christmas. To which I say, bitch, every holiday SHOULD be like Christmas. Hater.

Planned Run: HAH. On today’s episode of: when good runs go bad. This was supposed to be a rest day. But I pushed yesterday’s workout to today because I just haven’t slept well while L has been sick. She’s priority number 1 and  we’ve spent the last 3 nights partying until 1 or 2am. See these? These are the DUFFLE bags under my eyes. It made some sense to swap some of my schedule around for the upcoming Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend with Courtney! Moving right along– today’s run was supposed to be:

2mi warmup

2 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi with 1 min recovery

1 x 2mi @ 8:56/mi

2:00 min rest

1 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi

1mi cooldown
Weather: 5am, cold and clear. 32 degrees.

Food: 1 cup of coffee, ladies and gentlemen, my first mistake.

Shoes: Brooks pureflow 3s, blue.

Entertainment: My worn out, busted 10k playlist, my second mistake.

Actual Run: Don’t laugh.


How did it feel: I made it 5 miles. In the middle of my 2 mile interval I just stopped. At least the sunrise was pretty on my quarter mile walk back home. 🙂


I was at pace but I knew that I didn’t have anything left. I actually said, F this noise, out loud, to myself. As I was walking out my front door to begin this run I felt so tired. The only thought running through my head during my 2 mile warm up was, “I’m exhausted.” I couldn’t turn the tide of the negative thinking, I didn’t have any gas in the tank and I was poorly rested. A recipe for disaster. That’s what happens sometimes though, right? We all go through this. We all have those shit runs that feel so stupid hard and you just hate yourself the entire time and you’re thinking, why do I do this to myself? Then inevitably the next run is fabulous and you love yourself again. So I’ll chalk this workout up as this training cycle’s shit run and do my best to get some rest. As for the gas in the tank? WELL. Sometimes you need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 🙂 I swear, I could start a product  review section of this blog for Little Debbie products alone. I love that I took a bite before remembering to take the picture. Class act.