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VDOT day 27/ QS threshold 2 mile repeats + 200s

I’m going to go wild and start with the run recap first today. Also, check out that subject line. I’m back on track!

Planned Run: Supposed to be 5 miles easy but I had to switch it up because I did the easy workout yesterday to test my knee out. So today’s workout became this monster.22615 planned workout

Weather: It’s a heatwave I tell you. 36 degrees and sunny.

Food: 2/3 of my bowl of cranberry almond quaker protein oatmeal. I don’t like this flavor iteration as well as the banana nut bread version. I didn’t realize I didn’t eat the entire bowl until I got back from the run and saw the little congealed oat-ey blobs that were left in the bowl. Whoops. Also one salted caramel gu after the first 2 mile repeat. I probably could have taken 2 gels on this run. At the very least this is my note to self to always carry 2 gels on speed days.

Shoes: I’ll do my very first run OOTD. Was I repping the rainbow run club or what in this get up?


Details: Athleta sonar capris, the saucony half zip that i gushed about yesterday (yes it smelled), a lululemon short sleeve swiftly (it’s turquoise and other than that I don’t know, I bought it used from my dealer *ahem* a facebook BST group) and Brooks purconnect 3s.

Entertainment: My brand new easy playlist that I’m loving.

Actual Run: This mess:


How did it feel: Honestly it was hard. I didn’t complete all of the 200s. I think I hate 200s. Yeah. I do. That’s a pretty solid; kill it kill it with fire. I either lost some fitness last week during winter storm Octavia (she has a name???) or something is off. I’m not sick anymore, I just got over a really weak head cold… the only thing I can think of is that I only ate a bowl of cereal for dinner last night because I commuted in to work yesterday and was exhausted by the time I got home last night. When I’m super tired I have a hard time eating. My stomach is weird. I won’t make that mistake again. I really need to start using Myfitnesspal to track my macronutrients. I think I could benefit from knowing that my little debbie addition isn’t helping to fuel my runs properly… ?

Now for some product reviews. I’m going to keep this nice and short. This stuff, both of them, taste as if you distilled satan’s piss down to it’s very essence and then added in pinches of dirt and dehydrated vomit for good measure. Here’s the deal. I like the IDEA of the recoverite. It has all kinds of yummy, recovery goodness in it. But the taste. I just can’t with that. I don’t know if Hammer is the only company with this type of product in the market? Fool me once, Hammer, fool me once… I’ll stick to my beloved Nuun in the future and continue the hunt (or just give up because really, chocolate milk is a pretty frakking delicious recovery drink) for a recovery product I like, re: can stomach.


After forcing down that disgusting citrus concoction I made this and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, tastes like unicorn tears and the collected dew droplets on angel’s wings after the most beautiful sunrise you could possibly imagine. So it pretty much made up for it.


My love hate relationship with Kanye continues. I remember purchasing and LOVING (like, so seriously loved it) Late Registration way back when I still had to put little rainbow reflective discs into a slot on my dashboard to listen to music. God. Aren’t we glad that’s all over? Anyway. I loved Kanye. I love this song. Like, so seriously love it. It brings a tear to my eye. How can he write such incredible songs and be such a douche lord? The world may never know. Here’s to hoping that one day soon we all wake up and he’s on Good Morning America announcing that Kim and all of his crazy antics were just a really long performance art piece. But that Nori man. What a beauty.


Here’s what was left of the snowmageddon on my run route today. So beautiful. God’s country. I dream of living other places but my heart will always belong to Kentucky.

whatsleft whatsleft2

I think Runner’s world posted this. It’s nice and shit.


I have a lot of thoughts today so just bear with me. Here’s a chicken chasing a cat just for those of you who have stayed with me this long.

I’ll finish this whole crazy mashup off with this picture of me wearing full makeup. L goes to a semi-swanky part time early learning center right now for 5 hours a day. I figured out that if I wear the one nice pair of shoes that I own (mostly for work trips) to daycare pickup that the lululemoms don’t give me shiteating glares. SO I wear these Michael Kors flats with everything. Sweatpants? Holy jeans? A bathrobe? A GARBAGE BAG? Shit. Throw on the MKs gurl.


Last but not least. This kid. She is 1000 shades of fucking awesome and I love her so much that it physically HURTS me.


*jenny vdot day: I’ll get this back on track eventually.

I’m sitting at work humming along to this.

In prepartion for this. I love the beach boys. I love Brian Wilson in all of his crazy glory. He created music that will be played at the last supper during the end of the world. I was born in the wrong decade. The fact that John Cusack is playing the elder Brian Wilson is even more perfect. I hope this is good.

Last week’s snowpocolypse really cramped my style. I made it 20 miles of the 30 I was supposed to do. But this really strange sense of peace settled over me last week. I don’t want to beat myself up or feed the trolls that live in my head so I’m going to be thankful that I was able to get in those 20 miles in the midst of the largest winter storm Kentucky has seen in a decade. All of that treadmill running must have done a number on me because during an easy 5 miles on the treadmill Tuesday afternoon I started feeling some stabbing pains in my right knee. I immediately stopped running, tried to stretch out and began walking. I could see that my right knee was swelling a tiny bit and it FELT swollen. So I called it a night and took 800 mg of vitamin i and gave myself the next day off. I just manged to complete 5 miles outside in the parking lots of work and felt fabulous. I will chalk it up to going from exclusively running on asphalt to exclusively running on a treadmill. Dr google tells me that treadmills can irritate runner’s knee and my knees have absolutely been a point of contention in the past. On another note I was running the treadmill miles in the higher heel stack height glycerin 12’s. I’m going to go ahead and relegate those to “unable to wear for running”. I’m just so happy that my 5 miles today went smoothly and even better– were outside. It’s 30 degrees, sunny with no wind today, so basically it’s summer. Come on spring, come on spring!

Remember when I said I ordered that pair of saucony’s during snow madness a few posts back? Well. I lied. I also ordered a pair of saucony shorts, a tank top, a half zip and some tights. I sent the shoes back. I kept the apparel. I purchased some saucony shorts and a tank from an outlet in Florida last year and have absolutely loved them. Especially the tank. I’m picky about tank tops. I really like saucony apparel, I like the fabric they use and the fit of the medium size always consistently fits me. I love my lululemon but after cleaning out my reusable shopping bags I wondered to myself if my love had gone too far… $$$. 🙂

Anyway. I’d like to actively recommend this pullover. I wore it today and loved it. The fabric was VERY warm for a 30 degree run. I was warm before I even got out the door as soon as I put it on. It’s got a little usb chargable clip on light on the sleeve that provides a constant beam of light or a flashing beam for running after dark. The slanted hip zippered pocket was the perfect size for my iphone 5c INSIDE of an otter box (this part is always important to me). The only thing I’d like to see is a cord guidance hole inside of the zipper pocket. I’m not sure if maybe I could create one myself, I may try. Otherwise. It’s beautiful. Saucony isn’t paying me to tell you this and it’s on clearance just about everywhere right now! 🙂 I forsee this being an excellent topper with shorts for those early spring runs when the air still has a bite to it. I bought the purple and blue version and am strongly considering the green as well as soon as Lent is over (more on that below). The picture is a link if you’re so inclined to click through to the saucony site. 🙂 I’m pretty much in love with the other gear I got as well and will write more about that later!

saucony pullover


So I’m a practicing Catholic. I haven’t been a good Catholic for a number of years. I freely admit that I went back to church when I found out I was pregnant with Lydia specifically because I wanted to have her baptized. God and I have had many arguments in the past. We still do. There are times when I don’t agree with the things that the priests tell me are major tennants of my religion, but many times God and I are able to reconcile these differences on the side. The long and the short of it is this– I believe there’s a God, I believe that I speak with God best during running and mass and I believe that religion and spirituality are deeply personal, internal things that should be handled inside oneself. So there you go. That’s probably the most you will hear me talk about this except… there’s lent. OH lent. That lovely time of year when we get our ashes to church and get ashes rubbed on our foreheads to remind us all that we’re going to die and return to ashes. It’s so chipper right? Ugh. Then for 40 days we (Catholics, but hey, you might choose to torture yourself for fun too) fast, abstain from meat on Fridays and give something that we really really really love up because the pope hates us and wants us to be miserable human beings. I kid. Mostly. Catholic guilt. Anyway. This is a really good read including some insight from papa Francis about the giving up of this year. I really liked it. Especially this part: “I distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt.” I think this is a new life mantra for me. So many times it feels like charity is something I do to gain likes on facebook. I’m just being honest. Laying it all bare. It shouldn’t be like that. It should hurt. In the best way. So this year for Lent I gave up discretionary spending for myself. I’ve already caught myself circumventing this by spending on Lydia instead– justifying in my head, well it’s for the baby. Last night I slipped up and bought into a coop group on facebook for a really ugly shirt on facebook. So ugly shirt, party of this gal right here! I know I made the right choice because this is hurting… a lot. The idea is to save some of the money I would blow needlessly on myself and turn it into a charitable donation of some sort. Let’s just say I’ve found out a lot about myself in the past few weeks. Shewwww, okay that’s the most religion talk you’ll get out of me. MOVING on.

Songs I’ve found that I like running to lately; the only time it’s acceptable to admit you listen to Mr. Worldwide.

Remember this one! OH man, was this the jam circa 1999 or what!

Finally– shout out to my wannabe punk rock days! 🙂

*jenny VDOT day 18/Quality session threshold repetition

Yesterday afternoon this:


Became this:


OH the cuteness. It kills. T claims that L is going to grow up thinking every holiday is like Christmas. To which I say, bitch, every holiday SHOULD be like Christmas. Hater.

Planned Run: HAH. On today’s episode of: when good runs go bad. This was supposed to be a rest day. But I pushed yesterday’s workout to today because I just haven’t slept well while L has been sick. She’s priority number 1 and  we’ve spent the last 3 nights partying until 1 or 2am. See these? These are the DUFFLE bags under my eyes. It made some sense to swap some of my schedule around for the upcoming Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend with Courtney! Moving right along– today’s run was supposed to be:

2mi warmup

2 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi with 1 min recovery

1 x 2mi @ 8:56/mi

2:00 min rest

1 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi

1mi cooldown
Weather: 5am, cold and clear. 32 degrees.

Food: 1 cup of coffee, ladies and gentlemen, my first mistake.

Shoes: Brooks pureflow 3s, blue.

Entertainment: My worn out, busted 10k playlist, my second mistake.

Actual Run: Don’t laugh.


How did it feel: I made it 5 miles. In the middle of my 2 mile interval I just stopped. At least the sunrise was pretty on my quarter mile walk back home. 🙂


I was at pace but I knew that I didn’t have anything left. I actually said, F this noise, out loud, to myself. As I was walking out my front door to begin this run I felt so tired. The only thought running through my head during my 2 mile warm up was, “I’m exhausted.” I couldn’t turn the tide of the negative thinking, I didn’t have any gas in the tank and I was poorly rested. A recipe for disaster. That’s what happens sometimes though, right? We all go through this. We all have those shit runs that feel so stupid hard and you just hate yourself the entire time and you’re thinking, why do I do this to myself? Then inevitably the next run is fabulous and you love yourself again. So I’ll chalk this workout up as this training cycle’s shit run and do my best to get some rest. As for the gas in the tank? WELL. Sometimes you need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 🙂 I swear, I could start a product  review section of this blog for Little Debbie products alone. I love that I took a bite before remembering to take the picture. Class act.


*jenny VDOT day 16/Repetition


I just got the shipping notification on Lydia’s Vday present. Yes. I’m the mom that goes way overboard. I picked up a tea set at Target yesterday afternoon to set up with her precious table and stuffed animals. I hope she will love it.

I promised a product review on Instagram of this bra, the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer. I’ll make you this promise right now. My product review photos will most likely always be taken with an iphone, with no filter, while the product is laying on my bathroom floor. That’s how I roll.



I needed new sports bras because my previously beloved Moving Comfort Junos were falling apart. I typically just cycle through 2 sports bras. I have 2 other random ones that I purchased from TJ Maxx but in the past the Moving Comfort brand bras are my favorites. The rebound racer also delivers. Things it’s missing? Soft internal cups. That’s okay for me. I ordered a 34D and the compressive quality of the material itself was enough to eliminate bounce. For any bra size larger I’d probably be very hesitant to recommend. Moving Comfort has great offerings in the Juno and Maia bra for ladies who need them. My biggest 2 asks in a sports bra are, does it eliminate bounce and does it have a racerback style. This bra hits both of those marks for me. It’s a keeper. I’m a horrible reviewer, I know. 🙂 Also. The sherbert color is just so damn pretty.

Moving right along to today’s run recap:

Planned Run:

2mi warmup

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

4 x 400m @ 1:57/rep with 400 m recovery

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

1mi cooldown

Weather: I hear you spring, telling me to hold on! Beautiful weather! 40ish degrees and sunny. Dealt with some wind issues but I’m starting to think the richpond loop is always going to be windy because of the nature of it’s location? It’s just farm land. Nothing to break up the wind. Flat, but with lots of little rollers and long gradual inclines. So pretty:


Food: Breakfast was 4 cliff straberry shot bloks. I ate 1 metric ton of pizza and breadsticks from pizza hut last night and didn’t want to deal with a pants shitting situation. I kept it light.
Shoes: Brooks pureconnect 3s! New!

Entertainment: Threshold playlist.

Actual Run:

.2 miles at 10:21 warmup

I’ll spare you the copy and paste here but I hit all of my intervals except for the very first 400 meter fast repeat. I think I was going uphill and into the wind? Thats the excuse I’ll use. 🙂

How did it feel: This was hard. I walked again during the first part of my cool down. Lengthening the 200’s to 400’s in the middle is brutal. This was not my favorite workout. But I hit it and I did it. Thank god Courtney texted me this morning and made me get out of bed. I almost pushed this run to tomorrow because I was honestly a little frightened of it. IF I had pushed it’s almost certain I wouldn’t have completed the run at all.

Tata for now. L is asleep beside me and I can hear her struggling to breathe through the snot thats collected in her nose. Sounds like a pediatrician visit waiting to happen this week. Because it’s never just a cold for us. Nope. Never. Just. A. Cold. Poor baby. 🙁