Can I save the reasons why I’ve been MIA for the bottom of this post? Okay, good. šŸ™‚

Yesterday, at work, my cubicle neighbor to my back asked if I liked country music. This is always a loaded question for me because I grew up loving country music. I say, yes, I love country music. The guy tells me all about a new song that Dierks Bentley sings on in collaboration with another artist whose name I can’t remember. My cubicle neighbor to my left begins to extol the virtues of a song that he loves, also by Dierks Bentley, called “Drunk on a plane”. I’ve never heard this songĀ but you can probably guess that a song called Drunk. On. A. Plane. Isn’t a riveting and musically challenging concerto. Dear God, Nashville. I’m so ashamed of you? What is this shit? Johnny Cash did notĀ suffer so and write such beautiful songs for you to churn out the likes of Dierks Bentley. Give me a break. Where are the Rebas? The Dollys? Where are the George Jones? You know where I think this bull shit originated? It was Toby Keith. I’m looking at you Toby, and I’m giving you the double birds. You can keep that Luke Bryan dude bro too. Ugh.Ā It sure is a chore to look at them too.


Race report time!

My last run, other than today, was a race. I’ll try to remember the details to the best of my knowledge below.

10/17/2015 The Medical Center 10k Classic

The Race: This is Bowling Green’s premier road race event. It’s in it’s 36th running and hosts both a 10k and 5k option. I’m not 100% certain how many finishers they typically have but as I neared the endĀ I heard theĀ emcee saying that they’d see north of 800 runners come across the finish line. For a town the size of Bowling Green it’s a big event. It’s a closed road course that runs through our beautiful downtown square and Western Kentucky University’s campus. This race holds a very special place in my heart. My dad worked for the race’s title sponsor, The Medical Center. He was in the administration for the hospital and if I wasn’t at home playing or at school playing you could typically find me harassing his secretary or running through the hallways terrorizing the other administrators of this hospital. I kid. They all loved me, maybe. ?? I specifically remember seeing lots of the parents of my friends finishing this race and thinking, how cool it must be to be a runner. I wish I could do that. I WILL do that. So in a way, the med center 10k was one of my first running motivators. I ran it for the first time in the fall after I had Lydia and I definitely felt myself get choked up when we ran by the hospital. It’s outdated and it’s ugly but it holds a lot of special memories for me of fun times I had with my dad when he probably should have been working. HAH. If I’m healthy enough, and able I’ll run it every single year going forward. It’s my thing. I also love the 10k distance and there just aren’t a lot of options for it around here. Just long enough to be a challenge but short enough that you can really push it if you want to. I’m sorry, I’m getting wordy. Moving on.

Race Swag: A long sleeved, cotton tshirt. It’s had the same design, just in different colors the past 3 years. I do love a good cotton long sleeved tshirt though. They’re hard to come by and I live in them lounging around the house in the winter.

Race morning: I can’t remember what time I set the alarm for for this one but the race started at 8am. I think I got up at 6am. I chugged a cup of coffee and ate a gluten free waffle with some strawberry jelly on it. I left my house about 45 minutes early to meet Courtney at her house. We used the 2 miles between her house and the starting line as our warmup jog. I wore a lululemon long sleeved swiftly, 9″ lululemon what the sport shorts and my brooks pureflow 4s. The weather was chilly to start, low 40’s to high 30’s. Courtney let me borrow a hoodie and at the end of our warmup I was definitely fine. I nailed it with my outfit choice.

The Race: At 7:30am we bid the 5k runners bon voyage, and at 7:55 the wheelchair racers started. Courtney and I used the porta potties and were able to line up towards the middle of the 10k pack with no problems. I love the organization of this race, they do a really good job with start times and keeping things rolling. At 8am the gun went off and we started. This is a chip timed race and I remember it only took me a minute to cross the starting mat. I did what I always do, which is start too fast and bob and weave and waste energy. Will I ever learn? Let’s hope so. I always get a shot of anxiety and adrenaline when a race starts. It takes me a few minutes to settle in and calm myself down. This course is tough, WKU is consistently voted one of America’s most beautiful college campuses. With the beautiful scenery and views comeĀ Hills. Lots of hills. Our sports teams are called the Hilltoppers, I’m not even kidding…

the hill

Told you it’s beautiful though (side note, I took exactly none of these pictures):

campus 4

campus 3



the first 2 miles went by in a blur of screaming quads and glutes. By miles 3 and 4 I was coughing (I’d been dealing with a nasty upper respiratory infection) and by mile 5 I hit a little wall at the top of another hill climb. I gave myself permission to stop and walk for 1 minute, but 1 minute turned into 5ish and I definitely lost some time. I tried to pick things back up for the downhills going into mile 6 and finish strong. That was my mantra at the end, finish strong finish strong finish strong. It carried me across the finish line to a course PR of 54:30. About a 15 second PR. Which is laughable. But I’ll take it.

The Finish: I really like the finish of this race– you end inside the beautifully remodeled WKU football stadium. They always do a big party and give away a $5,000 prize for a drawing out of finisher names. I lost Courtney to some hip pain around mile 3 so I didn’t stick around for the prize drawing. The only thing they don’t have is beer. Jerks. I jogged back to the starting line where Courtney texted and told me to meet her and we limped home. I drove back to my home with a massive headache and dealt with aĀ little nauseated feeling from swallowing so much snot (pretty, I know) while running.

In conclusion I love the med center 10k– I’d love to actually give it its own training cycle and see what I could do on the course. It’s been a solid race for me the past 3 years and the organization and event planning always impresses me.

Here are the splits from my Garmin. Told you I bit it in the 5th mile.

splits 10kclassic

Here are the official results from the race.

Official race results

While on the course I ate 1 gu roctane gel. I also ate a gel at the start of the race. I’ve been struggling with lightheadedness and headaches and my nutrition just isn’t always on point, hellloooo oreos! So.

Anyway. I’ve been a bad blogger and an even worse runner. I’m currently supposed to be training for the Louisiana marathon that’s taking place in January. I think September kind of dropped a big old turd bomb all over my family and I’ve been feeling the effects of it. Things are starting to look up and work themselves out though. That’s life right? Things just don’t always happen the way you expect them to and God knows I’m not perfect. I’m not even a saint. šŸ˜‰ Lots of times I’m lazy. I’m just plain lazy. I’ve been filling my nights with lots of this:


But today on my run I saw lots of this:



and felt just a little bit better, #outsideisfree. So here’s to the comeback. šŸ™‚ I feel like I’m always coming back. Oh well.

I’ll leave you with this, I missed Back to the Future day in interwebs land. But rest assured, we celebrated it. šŸ™‚ Also you could lose a few hours of your life just typing one word jokes into this: the IBM Watson Developer Insights Personality Analyzer. It had my numberĀ just from the words: Ā fart tits, poots a lot. It’s as cool as it sounds. Trust me.

lydia hoverboard


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