Yep. I’m a nerd. I’ll geek out all over the place with you. 🙂 The guy in the hat will tell anyone who will listen that I’m a nerd who doesn’t love Star Wars. I like Star Wars. I’ll watch it. I’m SUPER DUPER pumped for the new movie coming at Christmas, but it’s just not my favorite. However. I will never fail to let a 5/4 go by without wishing my fellow nerds and geeks a Happy Star Wars day. May the odds be ever in your… whoops, may the fourth be with you. 🙂

A little Catholic humor… OH how I crack myself up.



Doctor Who is really more my speed. 🙂



I mean really though!!!



Even I’m kind of sick of the GOT meme…



My absolute favorite. They’re EWEs. GET IT? GET it????!!!!! Hahahahahahaha. So cute.




How long do you think the artist formerly known as Carrie Fisher’s cameo will be in the new movie? How long will they be able to keep her attached to this planet?

Then there’s these guys.



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