I’m back! OMG. I’m back!

So. The big news… is that I did it. I hit my goal. I ran a 1:57 half marathon at the Total Fitness Connection run walk for Children 2 weeks ago. Yes, folks, for once I nearly shit my pants after running because I was so happy and excited– not because of the trots.

I would love to tell you I’m going to write a beautifully detailed race report but I really don’t know if that will happen. It may happen. It may not. No promises.

Spoiler alert, I threw a hissy fit and walked for (exactly) 1 minute at mile 11. Courtney still felt good and blazed on ahead, but I was so glad because I felt like I was sucking wind and needed to give myself a pep talk. Once I said a prayer and told myself I came to finish this shit I continued on and felt strong for the last 2 miles. I’ve never hoped SO hard for a clock to read certain numbers. I choked up and flung myself into CB’s arms after crossing the finish line. It was glorious. I set a goal, stuck with a training plan (mostly) and hit my target. Nail. On. The. Head. I’m still so proud of myself. I really do believe that everyone should cross a few finish lines in their lives. Something about flying (re: shuffling) through a finish chute lined with people clapping and smiling is just my drug.

It looks like we’re going to work on base building for summer’s training cycle. Courtney picked the Maffetone method and I’m along for the ride. I’m glad to run low and slow for a few weeks. I don’t think I’ll get bored. I’m pretty toasted from speedwork and I’ve got some small aches and pains that could probably stand the rest of some slower miles.

Personal goals? To figure out my eating. One way or the other I need to come up with what kind of eating plan works best for me. That might be figuring out a solid fueling plan for each race distance or maybe it’s figuring out what to eat during regular training and the weeks leading up to race day. One of the walls that I hit during the TFC half was that I felt like I just ran out of energy. No bueno. As we say at work, key takeaway. Kill me.

To get stronger. Cross training. Historically I have sucked at cross training. But it’s time to add it back in. 2 times a week with weights or another cardio session. Also– continue yoga once a week. It feels good and it’s the only stretching I do. Bad Jenny.

In closing. The weather in Kentucky has gone from winter to summer over-night.

The face I gave T today when he looked at me as I was about to go run in the 80 degree, high humidity and midday sun and said, “at least it’s beautiful out today.”

I won’t complain too much. I love summer. It’s my fave. BRING ON THE SUN!

A picture of us with our perfect little sub 2 hour half marathon medals!!!

sub 2

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