Month: March 2015

*jenny vdot day something/ 5 easy miles. :)

A sad, I haz it. I feel like I’ve spent the last two days pulling myself out of some unnamed murky abyss that I’ve been flailing around in for the last month. Every year I hope it will get better, I hope it won’t hit me. Every year like clockwork the curtains fall somewhere around the beginning to end of January and don’t roll themselves back up until the sun starts shining in April or May.


I want to make it abundantly clear that I blame (I do not really blame my parents for any of this shit) all of this shit on my parents. Those people took me to Florida every single year and *gasp* encouraged me to play outside every chance I got. Because of them I now have an addiction to vit D and turn into an absolute mess when winter rolls around every year. I hate you winter.

Maybe next year I’ll do as I say and not as I do and haul my butt to the GP for a low dose antidepressant to get me through. I must remember that I’m not the only one that suffers in my illness, my family suffers. Mental illness is like that though– she’s a cruel mistress that convinces you that you’re the only one who could possibly be suffering as much as you are. Ms. Mental Illness takes pride in isolating you from the ones you love and the ones who love you. Ms. Mental Illness can sometimes feel like the worst kind of inside joke you play on yourself over and over and over again with the self-loathing thoughts and the negative actions.

I’m an oversharer, it’s kind of what I do. I don’t care to share my struggles because for me it’s therapeutic to let people in on my secrets. I process via oversharing. Plus if anyone ever stumbles across this post and you haz a sad too, don’t hesitate to contact me. We can commiserate together, in the rain, with David Tennant.


So my running has suffered. But I know it hasn’t suffered as much as it FEELS like it has in my head. Today I made it 5 glorious miles in the sunshine and warmth wearing a tank top and shorts. I even got a slight tan. I immediately felt worlds better.

I’ll do better I swear. I’ve gotten my hair done. I bought myself some new running clothes. I may buy a new pair of shoes. But I’ll do better. Pinkie Promise. 😀

I really dig Athleta tank tops. I love the ruching on the front for those days when your belly just isn’t on point with the bloat and all…


She’s a diva.


How about those Kentucky wildcats baby? SEC champions for 2014!!! Only 6 more games to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I bleed blue)


*courtney – sometimes life happens… training log 2/16/15 – 3/8/15

this tumblr is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time:Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 5.30.40 PMhello? do you even remember me? i have been completely absent recently due to some life stuff. my mom was in the hospital last week, and i couldn’t find a second to breathe let alone run or blog. the good news is that she is back home now and doing fantastic! 🙂

i have actually done some running since that last time i dropped in, though. the week of the snowpocalypse of 2015 i managed to get 24 easy miles done mostly on the treadmill. it actually was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. if you have the right company (jenny) the miles kind of fly by. i would still choose the great outdoors any day of the week, but i am glad i know i can use the treadmill as a last resort. i did not do any yoga, strength, core or cross training that week. major check-minus for me on that front.

the week after that was the trip to the hospital in south carolina. sleeping in one of those half-assed attempts at a recliner from sunday-saturday does not equal proper rest for half-marathon training. i kept telling myself i would sneak away for an hour here or there, but i just never felt properly rested or in the right headspace. i wanted to spend all of my time either with my mom or doing something for her. it was a terrible reason to spend a week with my parents, but kenny and i still had a blast and it was so good to see them. i will be going back later this month, and i SWEAR this time i will honestly make time to explore some of the cool stuff here: RunFurman.

so that brings us up to speed to this week! while we got another snow dump, i did manage to get all of my runs in. getting caught up at work meant zero lunch breaks, so this is my third week in a row with zero cross training, yoga, weights, etc. i can feel my butt and core turning even mushier than they already were! i do feel like that may have been overload to do this week since i was out of the game completely last week. speaking of… how did an entire week of rest effect my training you might ask? well, i’m not really sure. i didn’t run for an entire 9 days, but i didn’t do any sort of time trial before the break. my first run back was scheduled to be 1k repeats. the two noticeable things for me were that a.) my HR seemed a little higher on my warmup than usual which tells me i may have lost a little of my aerobic base, and b.) my legs felt absolutely fantastic! haha, i know that is to be expected, and it really makes me respect the taper that is coming soon. the good news is that my repeats were considerably improved from the last time i did them in january. i don’t want to think about what they might have been if i hadn’t taken the week off, i will just be happy that i am improving and try to keep forging on. thursday’s run seemed like my HR was about where i expected it to be during the warmup and slower miles, so maybe i was just tired on tuesday. i know i was also really nervous. i honestly thought that 9 days off was going to bring me back barely able to run a mile without sucking wind. thank god that wasn’t the case.

goals for this coming week are to re-introduce my core, strength and cross training and take advantage of the beautiful weather we are supposed to be getting! i also need to start focusing on nutrition leading up to the march 28th tfc minimarathon. i am still having stomach issues, and i need to be more mindful of what i eat on thursdays and fridays leading up to my saturday long runs.

week: 3/2/15 – 3/8/15

total miles: 32
easy miles: 24
fast miles: 8
strength workouts: 0
overview: i was pretty delighted to hit my prescribed paces this week, but i will say i am definitely sore! this is the first time i have been this sore in a long time, and i blame my hiatus last week. i HAVE to get back to my cross training schedule. i definitely notice a difference when i do it and when i don’t. i also have to get my freaking gut in order. i am not sure why my stomach hates me and hates running, but it’s being way harsh.

planned workout: spin
actual workout: nada

planned workout: 6 miles with 5 x 1000m repeats @ 5:00 (8:04 pace) and 2:50 recovery + the core strength routine
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:41 (151 average HR), 1000m splits @ 4:52, 4:59, 5:02, 4:57, 5:00, and 1 mile cooldown @ 11:27 + no core routine
course: purple striders, paved and flat
weather: 37*/dark
gear: altra the one2, athleta be free tights, lululemon long sleeve swiftly, oiselle flyer jacket, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, c9 ear warmer, mace jogger, knuckle light, nathan quick shot
nutrition: i think i had burger king for dinner, but i didn’t have anything pre-run and didn’t have any gi issues
how did it go? as i mentioned earlier, my HR was running a little higher than i’d like to see, which could indicate loss of aerobic fitness. it could also be caused by the fact that i didn’t sleep well at all the week before, and i really was nervous about this run. i am happy to report that the hard work is paying off–my splits in january for this workout were 5:06, 5:07, 5:08, 5:14, 5:17–and i remember that feeling REALLY hard. i am definitely showing signs of improvement! also, these shoes are great! i am so excited to wear them again, i just don’t want to transition too fast and cause injury.

planned workout: 4 easy + spin
actual workout: zilch
how did it go? i couldn’t drag myself out of bed, i didn’t take a lunch at work, i was at the office from 7am-5:45pm, [insert another lame excuse here]

planned workout: 7 miles w/ 5 tempo @ 8:44 + strength
actual workout: 1 mile warmup @ 11:25 (140 HR), tempo splits @ 8:53, 8:50, 8:44, 8:36, 8:26 and 1 mile cooldown at 10:25
course: the treadmill due to snowpocalypse 2015 part 2 rearing it’s snowy head
weather: it was pretty cold in my garage, but i warmed up!
gear: adidas adios boost, lululemon brushed speed tights, gsx long sleeve shirt, c9 ear warmer, lululemon run with me fleece gloves
nutrition: belvita biscuits for breakfast, stouffers lasagna for lunch and a caramel gu ~30 minutes pre-run. no gi problems!
how did it go? i was a little worried about maintaining pace for 5 miles straight, so i decided to cut down from 8:55 and average out at the 8:44 prescribed pace (actual average was 8:42). cutdown/progression runs seem to work really well for me. i am thinking that is the type of plan i will implement for the half marathon. this run definitely felt hard. i was counting down the minutes during the last 2 miles. i am not sure how i would have done on the road without the belt of the treadmill helping and wind, elevation changes, etc. it definitely felt like a great workout, though, so i am not going to discount the intensity. if i have to do speedwork on the treadmill during this training cycle again i may up the pace/intensity just in case to account for those external factors.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: none
how did it go? snowed in and lazy!

planned workout: 14 easy miles
actual workout: 14 miles @ 11:38 (average HR 148)
course: house to briarwood and back – paved and flat
weather: 30*/sunny/windy
gear: brooks pureflow 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, lululemon full tilt long sleeve shirt, reebok vest, lululemon fluff off mittens, c9 ear warmer, c9 sunglasses, nike feather light visor, nathon quick shot+
nutrition: firehouse subs for dinner, 2 belvita biscuits and coffee pre-run, caramel gu @ mile 4 and mile 8. bathroom stop at mile 5.5 and mile 9.5. so disappointing!!!
how did it go? i had to be really strategic about when and where i ran since the snow was still all over non-plowed roads and all sidewalks. this route was ok on the out part, but the back was a little too trafficy for my liking. experiencing stomach problems on an easy long run is so frustrating. i didn’t feel great the entire run, and i am thinking i was dehydrated (i have to start working on this on thursdays and fridays). i felt really hot and my heart rate was elevated during the first 2 miles, which is super odd. the back portion was in to the wind, so that didn’t help. i was ready for this run to be OVER. this is the longest run i have for this training cycle. we will see how running over the distance helps or hinders my performance. i have seen it recommended, but i have never actually applied it.

planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 5 easy miles including 1 on the trail @ 11:10 pace; 5 minute run/1 minute walk
course: keriakes and the greenways – gravel and paved, mostly flat
weather: 60*/overcast
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon tracker shorts, oiselle flyte tank, under armor tee shirt
nutrition: pizza and beer for dinner, banana nut crunch cereal with honey almond milk and coffee for breakfast and zaxby’s salad for lunch. no gi issues, and this surely should have caused some issues. what gives?
how did it go? the trail still had some slush on it and was incredibly busy, so after the first loop i took to the greenways. i felt good, but i had a hard time just zoning out. i did 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals to keep it nice and easy on my tired legs.