This shit is happening all over the place and really cramping my style this week.IMG_8987

Everybody in BG KY went to bed Sunday night saying… nah, it’s not gonna’ happen. We won’t get the FRAKKING FORECASTED FOOT of snow. But guess what. We did. And this is happening between Nashville and BG…



We southerners do not take kindly to inclement conditions.

Everyone in my facebook feed is posting this picture saying they saw this on xxx road. Nerds. Some nerds nerd harder than even my nerdiness and I laugh at those guys.


I have been running, but it’s been on a treadmill and it hasn’t been that exciting. Luckily this week was all easy miles. 30 of them. I think I’m up to 13 at this point. My dear neighbor friend always says you should run outside because you never know what race day will bring. I don’t think race day is going to bring a foot of frakking snow but what do I know. Absurd.

I have been trying to do yoga. Look at those flailing arms, that randomly out turned foot. I have the world’s most adorable little yogini helper down there in the corner though. Sorry the picture is so heinous, it’s not like my husband is a professional photographer in his spare time (spoiler, he is).


I will leave you with this. One good thing about long easy miles on the treadmill is that it gives you some time to fumble through spotify playlists and radio stations. I found this song and it’s a good one!


Also good about the treadmill? Seeing that awful guy who is *Lena Dunham’s boyfriend in Girls and also a new baddie bad in upcoming Star Wars* on law and order with ICE T. Adam, you just don’t stand a chance against Ice T. I think this is Ice T right? Not cube? Cube’s another dude. Anyway. That’s all I have. Things are getting a little hairy around here. Day 5 shut up with my family and I’m ready to ship them off to another country…



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