welcome to the arctic tundra that is bowling green, ky!


we got close to 10 inches on monday! i honestly didn’t believe it would actually happen. kenny and i spent about an hour and a half monday shoveling the driveway and then another hour and a half yesterday and were finally able to break free. of course, we woke up this morning to another 2 inches that filled in our hard work. i am hoping we can just drive over that though and not have to shovel, because my arms and back are done for!

i did attempt to run an easy 6 miler yesterday, but my plans were foiled. even with yaktrax strapped to my pureflows i could not get any traction. it is just too deep and powdery. i think 1 or 2 inches would be hard but fun to run in, but 10 inches is madness. i finished up on the treadmill which is even worse, but at least i didn’t risk twisting something or falling down.

i am not sure what the weather will mean for our travel plans today. our main concern now is that we are predicted to hit record low temperatures, and i am scared to leave these guys alone in that.

IMG_0025 IMG_0026

they are just so precious! they love to look at the snow from the porch, but they are quick to run back in the kitty-door when they get chilly.

here’s hoping that wherever you are is warm and safe! if you did get snow, did you get to go sledding???

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