I’m back! I know you missed my riveting run recaps. 🙂 First things first– this Valentine goes out to all of you, from me.


I think it’s safe to say she absolutely loved it.



She hasn’t stopped holding tea parties since Saturday afternoon and as soon as I clean up every tiny little frakking piece she’s begging for me to bring it all back out again. Table + tea set + chocolate= L’s best day ever. Or as Tony calls it, Christmas in February.

This was forecasted for today:



… and this actually showed up!


Those fuzzy little bitches were such prisses about going out in the snow. I basically had to carry Burt’s fat ass out there and drop him so he could go pee. I act like I’m frustrated but in reality I was up at 4am checking out the windows and couldn’t wait for the dogs to get up so to better asses the snow situation.

I cackled. Waverly, Tennessee you’ve been warned.



Finally– I found an honest to God unicorn at Target last night. Probably the last one in a city of bare bread shelves and empty milk coolers.


I’ll top all of this off by saying that I’ve tried desperately to love you all weekend, Matt Smith. But you see? My heart STILL belongs to David Tennant’s hair and I’m still mourning it’s loss and that smile… and you have no eyebrows and your forehead is enormous and Amy Pond is just insufferable and Rory, just don’t even get me started. Gah. I’ll stop now.





Now that I’ve gotten my morning swoon out of the way. Thursday was an easy 5 miler and Saturday was my shuffled speed work session added in to the Hot Chocolate 15k race that Courtney and I have participated in the past 2 years!

Planned Run: 5 miles easy on Thursday. Saturday’s workout:

2mi warmup

4 x 1mi @ 8:56/mi with 1 min recovery

8 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

2mi cooldown
Weather: Thursday’s weather was sunny and cold and brilliant. Beautiful and clear. Saturday was the same!

Food: Thursday I ran in the afternoon and I believe I ate at least 1 half pound of the left over valentine’s day candy from Lydia’s vday candy bags and a turkey sandwich. I’m NOT a healthy living blogger. 😉 Saturday was a Belvita cinnamon and sugar pack and 2 cups of coffee.

Shoes: Both runs were completed in the blue flows. I went a little snow crazy and ordered a pair of Saucony triumph ISOs this morning at 4am. I’m not sure what I was thinking other than, Ooooo pretty. *shrug* They’ll be good for easy runs.

Entertainment: I’m going to set my spotify playlists on fire that’s how sick of them I am.
Actual Run:

Thursday’s run:

Saturay’s run:

How did it feel: Thursday’s miles felt a little harder than normal and on Friday morning when I woke up sneezing with a snotty nose I knew why. Duh duh duh. Nobody warns you about the hit YOUR own immune system takes when your bitty baby starts daycare. Nobody. Saturday’s run was just hard. It was rough. I’ll save those feels for my race recap. 🙂




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