i’m drinking a beer on a sunday, because according to the weatherman we are gearing up for the great snowpocalypse of 2015. i LOVE snow, so i am pretty pumped about this! the plus side to commuting 65 miles one way to work is that in inclement weather i get to work from home 🙂

pink has always been my favorite color!
pink has always been my favorite color!

we don’t get a lot of snow ’round these parts, so i am not sure what it will mean for my training. the good news is that this is a cutback week for me, and kenny and i are going to south carolina to visit my parents on wednesday, so i might not have to slip and slide or succumb to the treadmill too much.

i cannot wait to visit my parents in south carolina! i haven’t seen my mom since december, and i haven’t seen my dad since the wedding in july! i am hoping my mom will feel up to doing what we do best–shopping and eating.

i promise to run some easy miles in new places and post about them!

week: 02/09/15 – 02/15/15

total miles: 27
easy miles: 21
fast miles: 6
strength workouts: 2 spin and 1 strength – got off track with a work lunch and race packet pickup 🙁
overview: the week felt great, but my body is definitely asking for some rest, and i will gladly give it some. i feel super tight tonight, and i am kicking myself for not squeezing yoga in at some point. i am also having problems with my heart rate monitor(s)… i couldn’t wear my chest strap at all this week, because it cut me to pieces on saturday. the bottom of the strap cuts (not chafes) my skin, and i am not sure how to avoid that–bandaid? duct tape? on the other hand, my optical wrist strap is just not very accurate. it recorded a new high of 203 on saturday during our warmup. while i don’t doubt it got pretty high on one of those hills while we were running at race pace, i absolutely know i didn’t spike that high during the first 10 minutes 😉 so, i am currently exploring new options, because keeping my heart rate under 154 is how i know i am going easy. if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

planned workout: spin
actual workout: 7 miles on the bike

planned workout: 6 miles with 6 x hill repeats + the core strength workout
actual workout: 5.5 miles with 6 x hill repeats @ 11:35 pace + the core
course: campus – paved and has a nice and long 1/4 mile hill which gets pretty steep for ~200m
weather: 30*/dark
gear: brooks pureflow 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, lululemon fluff off pullover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens
nutrition: hot and sour soup and pork chops for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? hill repeats are just the worst in my opinion, but i really tried to push it on the sprints and fully recover on the downhills. i do feel like i am making progress on my form and power, so that is a plus!

planned workout: 4 miles easy + spin
actual workout: 4 miles easy @ 11:17 (147 HR) + 7 miles spin
course: the bypass – paved and hilly
weather: 27*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: turkey tacos for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? this was an easy, barely awake run

planned workout: 6 miles easy + strength
actual workout: 6 miles easy @ 11:19 (146 HR)
course: highland/campbell – paved and semi-rolling
weather: 30*/dark/windy
gear: brooks purecadence 3, athleta polartec powerstretch ii tights, lululemon run first base tank, athleta cinch popover, the north face ear warmer, lululemon run with me mittens, saucony gaiter
nutrition: chicken caesar salad for dinner, water on the run
how did it go? the run was straight in to the wind on the second half which was absolutely brutal. i think the wind chills made the real feel ~10*. i was happy to see some other runners out in the wee hours on my way home. i didn’t get to strength train on my lunch break because we had a team lunch. if i had any sense of discipline i would have made myself do the simple workout when i got home, but i suck.

planned workout: yoga
actual workout: none… because of that lack of discipline thing. jenny and i went and got our packets for the hot chocolate 15k race. i did give a man the finger when he honked at me, so i got to work that muscle.

planned workout: hot chocolate 15k race! jenny’s plan prescribed a 2 mile warmup, 4 x 1 mile @ 8:56 pace with 1 minute recovery, 8 x 200m @ 7:50 pace with 200m recovery, and a 2 mile cooldown
actual workout: 2 mile warmup @ 10:00 pace, tempo miles @ 8:52, 8:53, 8:59, 8:40, and then after that it all kinda went downhill for the 200m repeats, but we held ~9:00 pace for the last 3.3 miles
course: downtown nashville – paved and hilly as fuck
weather: 31*/sunny
gear: brooks pureconnect 3, lululemon tech fleece speed tights, lululemon swiftly racerback tank, lululemon flurry fighter pullover, lululemon run with me mittens, the north face ear warmer
nutrition: olive garden asiago tortellini with meat sauce, salad, hummus, breadsticks, wings, and dessert for dinner (so, actually typing it all out makes me realize why i had some serious tummy issues the next morning); coffee, 1 imodium and belvita soft baked biscuit for breakfast; caffeinated nuun and a couple of shot bloks during the run (1 at mile 3 and 1 at mile 6)
how did it go? thankfully jenny and i decided we would treat this as a training run and not a race. shitshow is a pretty accurate description of the second half of the run. i ran in to some major tummy problems, and i am working to figure out what the cause was, but i am thinking i should have made some better choices at the olive garden the night before. i also learned that i should have tied the drawstring of my pants before the start, because i was tugging at my waistband pretty much every mile. i was NOT prepared for the hills and 400′ of elevation gain on the course. couple that with mile and 200m repeats, and boy was that a workout. after the mile repeats jenny turned and told me the 200’s were up next. i told her i would try, but i wasn’t sure how many i could hang on for. i had no idea how many we had done, but at some point we came to another freaking hill, “turn down for what” came on, and my stomach had had enough. i tapped jenny and told her i needed to stop and to go on without me. i turned down all right, and i walked it off a little bit and then started jogging. turns out she was on her last repeat, so i was able to catch up to her when she got to the cooldown. we walked a couple of more seconds and i told her i thought i could make it the last couple of miles. we passed the porta-potty and she urged me to go, but being a dumbass i said no, i could keep going. it was painful, but i carried on. i was so over it and just wanted it to be over. jenny was such a trooper and was telling me stories to keep my mind off it. when we saw the finish line we sprinted on in and got our medals. i immediately found the ladies room, and then we went and got our delicious hot chocolate and treats. the miles at pace definitely felt hard, but we climbed 270′ in the first 6 miles, so i think we did a damn fine job and the effort was warranted. it was definitely a great training run, but i am sad that i am still playing with the fueling and gi issues. i have got to figure that out before the half. also, the pureconnects were not the best choice for this distance. i will leave them to interval runs of <6 miles.

planned workout: 5 easy trail miles
actual workout: 3 easy trail miles @ 11:01 pace via 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals
course: keriakes – gravel and rolling path
weather: 15*/sunny
gear: brooks puregrit 3, lululemon brushed speed tights, lululemon think fast long sleeve shirt, athleta cinch popover, saucony gaiter, lululemon run with me fleece gloves, polartec mittens, lululemon run with me toque
nutrition: wendys for dinner, donut and coffee for breakfast
how did it go? i knew not to push it on this run since i was still sore from nashville’s hills, so i decided to cut it to 3 miles and throw in walk breaks every 5 minutes. i was actually faster than usual, go figure. it felt nice to shake everything out, and it was so cold i had the whole park to myself!

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