I just got the shipping notification on Lydia’s Vday present. Yes. I’m the mom that goes way overboard. I picked up a tea set at Target yesterday afternoon to set up with her precious table and stuffed animals. I hope she will love it.

I promised a product review on Instagram of this bra, the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer. I’ll make you this promise right now. My product review photos will most likely always be taken with an iphone, with no filter, while the product is laying on my bathroom floor. That’s how I roll.



I needed new sports bras because my previously beloved Moving Comfort Junos were falling apart. I typically just cycle through 2 sports bras. I have 2 other random ones that I purchased from TJ Maxx but in the past the Moving Comfort brand bras are my favorites. The rebound racer also delivers. Things it’s missing? Soft internal cups. That’s okay for me. I ordered a 34D and the compressive quality of the material itself was enough to eliminate bounce. For any bra size larger I’d probably be very hesitant to recommend. Moving Comfort has great offerings in the Juno and Maia bra for ladies who need them. My biggest 2 asks in a sports bra are, does it eliminate bounce and does it have a racerback style. This bra hits both of those marks for me. It’s a keeper. I’m a horrible reviewer, I know. 🙂 Also. The sherbert color is just so damn pretty.

Moving right along to today’s run recap:

Planned Run:

2mi warmup

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

4 x 400m @ 1:57/rep with 400 m recovery

4 x 200m @ 0:58/rep with 200 m recovery

1mi cooldown

Weather: I hear you spring, telling me to hold on! Beautiful weather! 40ish degrees and sunny. Dealt with some wind issues but I’m starting to think the richpond loop is always going to be windy because of the nature of it’s location? It’s just farm land. Nothing to break up the wind. Flat, but with lots of little rollers and long gradual inclines. So pretty:


Food: Breakfast was 4 cliff straberry shot bloks. I ate 1 metric ton of pizza and breadsticks from pizza hut last night and didn’t want to deal with a pants shitting situation. I kept it light.
Shoes: Brooks pureconnect 3s! New!

Entertainment: Threshold playlist.

Actual Run:

.2 miles at 10:21 warmup

I’ll spare you the copy and paste here but I hit all of my intervals except for the very first 400 meter fast repeat. I think I was going uphill and into the wind? Thats the excuse I’ll use. 🙂

How did it feel: This was hard. I walked again during the first part of my cool down. Lengthening the 200’s to 400’s in the middle is brutal. This was not my favorite workout. But I hit it and I did it. Thank god Courtney texted me this morning and made me get out of bed. I almost pushed this run to tomorrow because I was honestly a little frightened of it. IF I had pushed it’s almost certain I wouldn’t have completed the run at all.

Tata for now. L is asleep beside me and I can hear her struggling to breathe through the snot thats collected in her nose. Sounds like a pediatrician visit waiting to happen this week. Because it’s never just a cold for us. Nope. Never. Just. A. Cold. Poor baby. 🙁


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