This post should have happened yesterday. I’ve been dealing with this for the past week though and my brain just isn’t in the right place. Yes, we were all okay, I don’t think the car is going to pull through…


I managed to roll myself out the front door at 5am for this run, again. Nobody is missin’ mama in the dark. Also– I was just telling Courtney the other day that more pictures of me without makeup exist on the internet now, than WITH makeup. OH, how things change as you get older.


Planned Run: 4 miles easy between 10:41 ~ 11:43 per mi.
Weather: So cold. I immediately check the weather when my alarm goes off so that I won’t roll over and go back to bed and on this morning it said 23 degrees, but the feels like temperature was 12. Shiver. Spring, you can come any day now.
Food: I didn’t eat anything for this one. Just cup of coffee numero uno.
Shoes: The now retired Brooks Pureflow 3s (the grey and pink version). I finally got my new shoes in. 🙂
Entertainment: Me and the sunrise and the howling wind that was determined to freeze my eyes shut.
Actual Run: 4.04 miles at 10:17. It was so cold. I was so ready to get home by the time I turned and realized that the first half of my run had the wind at my back. 🙁
How did it feel: These easy runs have become kind of boring. I look forward to the days that have a prescribed interval workout. It breaks up the monotony.

Funny story. I have always hated Valentine’s day. It seemed so pointless? The guy in the hat and I always get each other presents, but honestly, it’s not like we make it a special day all about lurve and romance. Mostly we use it as a way to get that additional toy we want during the year. For me it’s cotton pajama pants, sexy I know, and a pair of “sporty-ish” sunglasses this year. For him I think it’s comic books and some Iron Man toys. However. Since I’ve had Lydia? My love of Valentine’s day has skyrocketed. Through. The. Roof. I love the little crafts and all of the pink and red cutout hearts everywhere. Last year L and I made her daddy and nana little heart suncatchers with her handprint in the middle. This year we took it a step further and created some honest to God, gallery-worthy art.



I’ll post pictures of the finished product once daddy and nana receive their gifts from the cutest, tiniest cupid.

I consider it a victory that I bought this package on Sunday and just now busted into them. But I did eat 4. SO. Fail. What do you think makes them fancy??!!?? Do you think in the history of ever that a bride has served these at her wedding? Because that’s what they remind me of, little wedding thingies.  Personally I think the Christmas tree cakes are the best. YMMV.



Last but not least. NEW SHOE DAY. YAAAAAAAA-S!


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