I have no idea what quality level easy marathon means– I suppose it’s the pace that would be my predicted marathon pace if I were officially training for a full instead of a half? I’m going with yes. Running a marathon at 9:33 average pace, for me, seems ludicrous. But there we have it. I spent an hour last night fighting with Garmin connect and my forerunner to add this workout to my watch. I knew going in to this run that I would have to get my butt out of bed at 5am because Lydia’s very first dentist appointment was today. PICTURES!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Who has 2 thumbs and is the world’s okayest proud mommy? This gal. Not. One. Tear.



Dat face doe.

Asscrackocklock is cold man. Frigid. See that ice on my water bottle? IT FROZE THE ZIPPER! That zipper held my clif bloks. That meant I had no yummy gummy caffeinated goodness on my run.

ice ice baby

See the pebbling on my ridiculously expensive (I’m worth it) Lululemon down coat? THAT’S FROZEN NUUN YA’LL. It was apparently leaking. I couldn’t feel it though, because I had already turned into a popsicle. What the literal frak. Too cold. Ugh. I have started having daydreams about spring.


With that I give you the recap…

Planned Run:

1mi warmup

1 x 2mi @ 9:33/mi

1 x 1mi @ 10:41/mi

1 x 4mi @ 9:33/mi

1mi cooldown

Weather: I feel like you already got the picture.

Food: 3 orange caffeine enhanced clif shot bloks. I would have eaten 3 more mid run but of course my fraking bottle froze.

Shoes: Brooks Pureflow 3s, dying gasps= these shoes.

Entertainment: Threshold playlist and watching the sun rise.

Actual Run:

1 mi warmup at 10:34 pace (I was still completely asleep for this)

2 mi at 9:28 pace 

1 mi at 10:23 pace

4 mi at 9:25 pace

1 mi cooldown at 10:43 pace.

How did it feel:I’m not a “run first thing in the morning” kind of runner. I’ve tried in the past. Courtney has made great headways into being a “run first thing in the morning” runner… I’m going to have to try harder. I’ll just put it like that. I have enjoyed knowing that my run is over and done with. Though I’m not sure there’s enough coffee in the world to keep me awake until Lydia goes to bed at 8:30… we will see…

Courtney recently taught me how to use Ebay correctly. In other news I’m like, 100 years old. While perusing some used lululemon for dealz I found this, and I laughed. I’m 100, but really, I’m like an 8 year old boy. 🙂


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